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Wine Club

This will be short and sweet today...We got our first shipment from our first wine club! About a month ago in Napa we joined Mumm Napa's Club Vivant. Can't wait to pop this bubbly!

Exciting Changes

This has been such an exciting week! I finally got with the times and got an iPhone! I'm obsessed and overwhelmed at the same time, between downloading new 'apps', playing words with friends with Jamie and Rollie, and always being able to check facebook could be dangerous for me. I also registered for photography classes at Butte College for the Spring 2010 semester. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I'm the girl who ALWAYS has her camera and I always download and email pictures to friends and family when asked (unlike anyone else I know!). While obtaining my bachelor degree in Sales and Business Marketing at WMU back in the day, photography was always in the back of my head. Unfortunately at the time I was lazy not wanting to take the art prerequisites. A big regret. I spent the last 5 years in corporate America learning a lot and making life long friends but I've realized that sitting at a desk is not for me. Its time to do something I love.…


About a year ago I became obsessed with wedding photography blogs while planning my own wedding. I found them so enjoyable and inspiring so I have finally decided to document my own life this way. The past ten months have been a roller coaster of emotions with more change than I've had in the past ten years! I got married to the most amazing man in the world, adopted the best Boston terrier puppy, was laid off, and moved from the South Bay of Los Angeles to a small city in Northern California where I only know a handful of people. So here I am, ready for yet another adventure and thought of no better way than to document it through a my blog. Enjoy!