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Glen Ellen

Its spring in January!  Its been soooo nice here and Rollie and I had a day off together yesterday so we took advantage of the weather and headed out to Glen Ellen (probably the closest wine tasting valley to us, yet it was our first time!)  We started at Loxton, which is a very small production winery, roughly 3000 cases a year specializing in syrah and zin.  We took home a bottle of late harvest zin (neither of us are usually dessert wine drinkers but it was yummy).  Next we headed over to the Glen Ellen market for some sammies...I thought our market, Olivers was great...this place was amazing...will definitely go back.
Next we hit up Eric Ross, a quaint tasting room just up the road from the center of Glen Ellen, also specializing in zin, although we took home a bottle of struttin white, an albarino with a touch of muscat...great place to come back on a chilly day, they have couches and a fire place.
Third we hit up Imagery, a winery I had heard great things about from several differ…

Checking In

Well its been a week since I posted my '30 before 30' list so I wanted to check in with myself to see how its going and if I make it public (like this blog) I tend to hold my self a bit more accountable.

62. lose 20 lbs (yep just throw the hardest one out there first) down 2 lbs from last Monday
63. Finish our stairway photo gallery printed out ideas and Aaron brothers penny sale is going on so I need to act fast!
64a. Make a dentist appointment this month (1/11)
64b. Make a doctor appointment (yearly check up) also this month (1/11)Appointment was 1/13
65. Save $500 for our Chicago/Michigan vacation in April $100 so far :)
66. Pay off best buy credit card next month (2/11)
67. Go to gym or hike/run outdoors M-F for 30 days (started 1/10/11) 6 out of last 9 days...not bad but room for improvement
68.Visit 5 new restaurants in Sonoma or Napa county Mikes at the Crossroad in Cotati for lunch on 1/13 with Rollie & Flavor in Santa Rosa for lunch with Jessica on 1/14
69. Cook 2 …

Out and About

Yesterday felt like spring, and I had the day off!  I finally took my camera out and just drove...I got lost a bit but that's ok!  I shot some pics of this old tower that I pass by almost everyday, the lighting was great...a few pictures have some really cool sun spots.  I forgot how much I enjoyed just driving around and seeing what catches my eye...hope the weather stays like this for a while :)

"30 before 30"

Everyone has been asking "what are your resolutions?" and of course I've thought of many things I want to stop, improve, do better or try for the first time so today while I was thinking of a creative way to write them down and actively 'do them' I remembered my 'bucket list' which I first blogged just shy of a year ago 1/29/10, but created in August of 2008.  I glanced at the list and realized I've forgotten to cross a few off from the past few months...#9 find a job I love (Duckhorn 7/17/10) and #21 Travel to Italy (9/29/10-10/8/10).  Looking at the list its pretty far fetched and of course I would love to think that most things on the list are 'do-able' in my lifetime but for the meantime I need a short term list so I came up with '30 before 30' which I quickly learned from googling is not a very original idea.  30 things to accomplish, try, work on, or stop doing before I turn 30, and since my original bucket list only had 61 items…

The 'cook' in me

I've been cooking and baking more over the last few months and I'm sure alot of has to do with the time of year but I also LOVE our kitchen so that doesn't hurt!  Usually its somewhat 'healthy' unless its for a special my recent work bake-off and my Holiday Cookie Swap party...with the exception of tonight... we made beer cheese soup with some great local Bear Republic Racer 5 beer...and it was delicious!  I usually just snap a pic with my Iphone vs. getting out the SLR so Rollie suggested that I blog about our beer cheese soup adventure tonight and add a few other pics from the past few months of baking and cooking so her goes...

Rotisserie and Wine

Last night we ventured over to Napa to try out Tyler Florence's new restaurant Rotisserie and Wine with a few of my friends from Duckhorn.   I of course researched the menu and yelp reviews prior to our visit and was very excited to try new did Rollie, which I was very surprised/proud of.  The decor was to die for, half cut wine barrel chandeliers, pottery-barn-ish rustic wood and metal table and chairs, a great foyer with cozy leather chairs and a coffee table made from crates resting on wheels...along with a great centerpiece of real cotton branches in a short wide jar.  This is exactly the new decor scheme I'm going with!  We got to our table and noticed that all of the dishes, glasses, water jugs, and napkins have the initials "R.W" engraved in them for Rotisserie and Wine...or in our house Rollie Wright!  This made our experience even better.  We all started off with some great local beer, Racer 5 from Bear Republic up in Healdsburg.  The menu is pre…

17 days!

Today I post a picture of my mom and I from her last visit to California in May 2010.  She will be here in 17 days along with my Grandma and two Aunts!  I'm so excited for our girls trip...Pismo Beach, Carmel, San Fran, and Wine Country!  It will be time for some new pictures and memories.  Now off to finish paying bills, workout, and run some errands.

Happy New Year!

I had intentions of doing pretty much nothing today (maybe a little laundry) but after a crazy busy work week last week and our trip to Tahoe this weekend there was much needed TLC to tend to around the house.  I woke up after a great nights sleep and attacked our closet.  Our master closet is insanely large but its also the ONLY closet in our whole holiday decorations, sporting equipment, extra blankets/pillows, and all coats have to be stored in there.  With the help from my handy label maker and storage bins I went to town and it now looks and feels great!  Next up I tackled our dining room table, coffee table and looked so bare after taking down all the Christmas decorations so I needed a new 'theme'.  I decided to go with a rustic/wine/pottery barn look and it turned out great! 
But I really wanted to post about our NYE 2011 weekend at Lake Tahoe. It was my first time up there and WOW it is gorgeous!  We shared a house with my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, …