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Week in Review...Heatwave!

Monday we started swim lessons and Lily loved it.   Its mostly to get her used to the water.  It was cold and raining, luckily the pool was 85.  Lily also joined me at work on Monday because Jessica's son had the stomach flu.  It was a bit challenging but fun at the same time...everyone took turns playing and hanging out with her.
Wednesday we had our weekly walk with Melissa and Jack and then ran a bunch of errands. Thursday the heatwave hit.  We've been in 100 degree temps since then...ugh!

Friday after work my friend from Duckhorn Sally and her husband came over for pizza and wine.  They were going to start helping us with our bathroom demo but it was way too hot so we just enjoyed the deck. Saturday I worked in the brutal heat, while Rollie had Lily and started our bathroom demo.  Him and Lily also walked around Target and he got a haircut to beat the heat in some nice a/c.  Saturday evening we headed down to Petaluma after I got home from work, had dinner, walked around t…

Fun at Playgroup

I brought my nice camera to playgroup today to take some shots of the babes playing.  We were supposed to have a pool party at Kristina's but the weather wasn't on our side, so instead we enjoyed some amazing homemade fish tacos and watched the babies play who are getting way too old too fast!  I totally failed to snap any of Alden...who's 1st birthday it was.

Week in review

This week we had lots of walks, playgroup at the park, fun in the sun at the Coppola winery pool, play date with Ariya while my friend Dawn watched Lily Friday afternoon, bbq with friends, I crashed a wedding thanks to an invite from my friend Lauren and a tiny bit of down time.

Lily 10 Months!

I can't believe that its been 10 months.  Time seems to be going at warp speed, I'm not sure if its summertime or what!  We've been crazy busy with trips, friends, family, and work.  Today time slowed down and I enjoyed the morning with Lily while Rollie was golfing with his new bff's (my mother group friends husbands) We snuggled in bed, ate breakfast together, played on the ground surrounded by toys, and snoozed on the couch together.  Afterwards we met up with Rollie and headed to Lowe's to pick out some materials for our upcoming bathroom remodel.  Rollie and I both having a full social calendar but days like this rank up there in the memory books.

Lily is officially crawling now...last week she transitioned from army/inch work crawl to full on crawling.  Oh boy.  We need baby gates ASAP.  She's also mimicking everything which is just about the cutest thing in the world.  Clapping, smiling, laughing, blowing bubbles, and doing a funny clicking with her tong…