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Michigan August 2015

*started this last week and then computer broke so no pics from nice camera yet...hopefully soon
We are all a bit jet lagged with the 3 hour time change but its all worth it!  We had the most wonderful summer vacation.  We were gone for 10 whole days which is probably the longest vacation either of us have ever taken.  We flew into Traverse City which was sooooo nice not having to drive from Detroit.  My amazing cousins picked us up at 1am (thank you!) We immediately crashed from our long day of travel.

Friday morning we woke up and met my Aunt and cousin Stefani for lunch and a little downtown shopping.  That afternoon we visited with some friends on Elk Lake (where I went as a kid/teenager several times).  Lily loved the inflatable jetski.  I've known the Menigs since I was in preschool with Chris, he lives in Denver but Ashley and her mom were there with her 3 boys and nephew.  That night we all BBQ at Anna's house.

Saturday morning we met up with my close friend from high s…

Let's play catch up

Well lets try to play a little catch up because Thursday we are finally on  summer vacation!  I'm going to attempt to 'unplug' a bit but we all know that probably won't happen.

This month we had lots of swim lessons.  Lily definitely feels comfortable in the pool now.  She's not 'swimming' on her own yet but we will hopefully practice during the year and next summer she will be on her own.

We've attended a few concerts in the park.  Healdsburg on July 14th and we met up with Kristen, Kerry, Rosey, Tim, Vanessa and Zara.  Lily jammed out the whole time.  Then on the 23rd we went to Windsor with the Grants, Patels, and Kliegls.  This summer is a bit harder with two kids!  It was much easier/relaxing two summers ago when the babies just sat on the blankets!

A few weeks ago Lily and I had a frozen yogurt date and then just last week we had a movie date.  Its really nice to spend some one and one time with her. 

Our playgroup is getting smaller due to schedul…