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Halfway! 20 weeks

Cooking time: 20 weeks, 2 days.

Weight gain: +10, I suppose if I only gain a pound a week from here on out I'll be on track.
Food aversions/cravings: Still loving the spicy/salty stuff.

Sleep: Much better.  I still for the most part wake up 2 times a night to pee but I can usually fall back asleep quickly.
Movement: This past week I've definitely felt some strong kicks, mostly to the bladder! 
Overall feeling/other symptoms: I was doing great, tons of energy, was in full nesting mode but then yesterday I hit a wall.  I think the weekend of running around and doing tons around the house caught up with me.  It was also 90 out yesterday which didn't help.  I have no clue how I'm going to make it through the summer if its already this hot.  We are looking into joining a different health club that has an outdoor pool though but that probably won't happen for at least another month if we decide to make the switch.

What we've been up to: Last week I had dinner with Dawn &a…

Europe Part Duex

Monday morning Rollie and I hopped on a train to Nice from Paris to meet up with the Downers and Lily of course.  It was about a 5 hour train ride through France.  We read, relaxed, and had a little lunch.  Once we got closer to the Mediterranean it was beautiful to see the coast.  We arrived around 2 and the Downers met us at the train station with all the kiddos.  We all hopped in a taxi (they had walked over) to our apartment on the promenade.  We were 5 minutes from downtown Nice and right on the water!  We relaxed for a bit and then took the bus into Old town Nice for an early dinner.  Our meal time was a bit different than the 2 prior kid free nights in Paris :)  We all shared different pastas.  After dinner we had gelato next door at this place with over 100 different kinds.  The atmosphere and cuisine is much more similar to Italy in the South of France.  We packed up the kids and took a bus back to the apartment and then us adults caught up and drank some vino.

Tuesday mornin…