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What year is it?!

OMG how is it almost October!?  Well clearly 'busy' is an understatement.  We had an amazingly fun summer.  I think it was the first time we actually just let go of schedules, routines, diets (ha!) and just had a lot of fun late nights with friends.  I'll just bullet point a few highlights. 

The girls both had their 'last days of school' on June 2nd (although they stayed at the same preschool all summer).

We watched the Kliegl girls on Mondays and Micaela returned the favor on Tuesdays (saving us both in childcare and letting the girls play) and often times Ariya came to play during the little ones nap.

Rollie extended our deck and put in a patio below.  It looks so great and opens up our vineyard view even more!

Lily graduated from Preschool!!!

We went camping with 16 adults and 10 kids...separate post :)

Lots of swim lessons, slowly but surely Lily is coming around.

We went on an amazing vacation to South Lake Tahoe, Clovis & Yosemite...another separate post.

The Mur…