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Fall is Finally Here! Sept 26th through Oct 2nd

I We had a pretty lazy day on Monday the 26th which is rare for us.  With only having one day off alone with the girls I typically cram it full of errands, play dates, walks, etc.  We lounged around in the morning, took long naps and then headed to Trader Joes for a few things after the girls woke up. When Rollie got home we did a few random things in the front yard (trim hydrangeas, weed, mow, etc) while the girls played on their scooters.

Tuesday I headed into work for a normal day and right as I was pulling in I got a call from Rollie that Piper had thrown up in the car in the parking lot at school.  So I manged to work (quickly) for 2 hours and then I relieved Rollie so he could go back to work.  She was fine for the most part, a little cranky, tired, and didn't eat much, but luckily she didn't get sick again.  I was able to clean the house and decorate for Halloween-so still a productive day on my end.  

Thursday the 29th would have been my Dad's 62nd birthday.  I lik…

September 19th thru 25th

Monday morning I took Piper for a solo walk with Sally and Jackie while Lily stayed home with Grandma Janet.  Then Pipes and I took a trip to Target. I've been loving this blog that Dawn introduced me to,'ve made at least 7 or 8 new dinners and every single one has been awesome.  That night I made a one pan chicken, bacon, green bean dish...we enjoyed eating outside as it was pretty warm that evening.  The girls enjoyed naked otter pops.

Wednesday that week we had Open House at preschool so we attempted to grab a bite to eat after school pick up before we had to head back at 6:30 but neither girl was having we took everything to go, slammed a beer and headed to Open House...we divided and concurred, me seeing Lily's classroom and Rollie seeing Pipers.

Sporting cute new tees.

Relaxing weekend at home.  We had my boss, Scott and his wife Brooke over for dinner on Saturday night...and ended up staying up until 12:30 talking and drinking delicious v…

September 12th-18th

We returned back from vacation and headed into a busy week-because that's how we do it!  Monday was spent playing catch up, grocery shopping and doing laundry.

Tuesday the 13th was Pipers 2nd birthday! I made banana chocolate chip mini muffins for her to share with her little friends at school and that night we had a relaxing family night at home and made homemade pizzas.

Wednesday night we had framily dinner at our place. We got meat, beans and rice from the Mexican market and had everyone make their own burritos, tacos, nachos, etc.  We had missed our friends while in Michigan!

Thursday night we got a sitter and headed to Sonoma State for the Avett Brothers concert with Meghan-The Chamians were there too but they had inside seats and we were on the lawn.  It was a really great show.

Friday Janet came to celebrate the girls birthdays since she couldn't be here for the party.  That night I headed out for a girls night at Jackson's for my friend Lauryn's birthday-she tu…