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Piper 2 Months

Piper turned two months last week.  A month ago I thought she was going to be a little 'harder' than Lily but she has proved to be a pretty darn easy baby.  We've gotten into a pretty great routine the three of us during the week.  It usually looks something like this:
630/7am up for the day. Rollie gets home from the gym and takes Lily out to the kitchen and starts her breakfast while I nurse Piper.  I get dressed, get Piper dressed, and eat breakfast.  
830am load up the car and head to stroller strides (I've been trying to go 4x a week).  After strides we either play at the park, run errands, or go to playgroup.
1130/12 head home for lunch and naps. Lily naps from 1-330/4 and I'm trying to get Piper to nap for atleast 2 of those hours.  I either do stuff around the house, prep for dinner or catch up on the Dvr.
4-5 play in the playroom or outside until Daddy gets home. 
530 Get Lily dinner. Start making our dinner and cleaning up the house.  This is when I usually la…

Nov 10-Nov 16

The weeks are flying by!  Piper is 2 months old already, I can't believe it.  I'm really trying my best to savor every moment since she's our last little baby!  I'll do a separate 2 month post for her soon.

Monday we had music class, which is one of Lily's favorite activities.  She does all the hand movements, sings the actual lyrics and dances...its so fun to watch how she's evolved in class over the last few months.  Sadly we are going to take a break from class though. With preschool starting soon and me going back to work we need to save the money as its a pricey activity for a 2 year old :) Hopefully we will start again in the Spring.  After class last week we met up with Melissa and Jack at the park.

Tuesday was stroller strides and playgroup in the morning.  Then I spent a good portion of the afternoon cooking for a little dinner party we had that evening with Tom and Jean Claire.  I didn't take a single pic (I know shocking!), but I made short ribs,…

Nov 3-9

It's a good thing I'm an obsessive picture snaper because I would never remember what we did day to day! This week my friend Sally had her beautiful baby girl Jaquline Elise.  We briefly visiting them in the hospital on Monday.  I can't wait for her and Piper to be bffs! 
Tuesday I thought Lily had an ear infection because she kept picking at her ear and just wast herself. However, the doctor confirmed she's just a 2 year old :/ Good news: we still went to playgroup.
We made it to stroller strides Wed-Fri as well as finally taking a visit to Rollies office and mine!  I also enjoyed lots of snuggles with Piper since I know the newborn stage is coming to an end. This was probably the first weekend in months that we had no plans. Saturday we drove out to the coast stopping at Wild Flour bakery and Joseph Phelps winery on the way out. We ate sandwhiches by the marina (while the girls napped in the car)@ and watched the boats/crab fisherman.
Today we slept in/laid in bed with c…