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Wine Tasting part....ummm yeah can't keep track!

Friday I had an early morning meeting at work so Rollie (and Rufus) joined me on the drive to St. Helena so we could do something fun afterwards.  After the meeting we headed down to Mumm Napa (seeing as though it was only 10am) we thought we could spend start the day with some bubbly!  We were also limited on winery choices since we had Rufus with us, luckily quiet a few are pet friendly in Napa.

After Mumm we headed over to Hunnicutt.  I met Jennifer from Hunnicutt the weekend prior while she was doing some tasting at Duckhorn.  They are currently a small operation but they have big plans ahead.  We were lucky enough to tour the construction site including their cave project, they hope to be up and running by August.  Can't wait to see the finished project.

Third stop was Viader up on Howell Mountain... absolutely stunning views.  Loved thier cab franc.

Next up was was a beautiful day to enjoy the outside area and Rollie and never been their for a tasting!  After pa…

Back to house hunting...

Well we didn't get the home we put an offer on last we are back to searching.  We were disappointed but we just have to accept it and move one, it wasn't meant to be our first home.  We looked at a few places today and found another one we really like in probably one of the best neighborhoods in Santa Rosa.  Its a crazy learning process, especially with all of the foreclosures and short sales in todays market but we are staying positive :)  I don't have any fun recent pictures so I'm pulling one from the past...this was roughly 5 years ago at one of our best friends, Chris and Amy Downers rehearsal dinners in Folsom, time flies!

We are trying something new tasting...ha!  I have a mandatory meeting at work on my day if I have to be in Napa we might as well make a day of it :)  Pics to come of course.

Weekend in Review

Several exciting things happened this weekend...but for starters we FINALLY bought a new computer.  After much deliberation we went with a Toshiba 15" laptop.  Rollie and I both wanted a mac but we just couldn't justify the price with many other future purchases in our near future.  We no longer need to constantly plug in our power cord!

With that being said we started the weekend by putting an offer on a house Thursday morning!  We started the house hunt just a few weeks ago and have probably looked at about 20 places so far.  Its an unbelievable time to buy and there is quiet a bit of inventory out there.  We came across a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a really good neighborhood last week and we just couldn't pass putting an offer in.  Its been a long weekend not knowing the outcome but we both have positive attitudes and whatever happens is meant to be!  Its a very exciting but stressful process but can't wait to be homeowners.

Friday I ran a bunch of errands, cle…

Check in Time

Time to check in again with my "30 before 30" goes!

62. lose 20 lbs (yep just throw the hardest one out there first) not too much progress on this one :(
63. Finish our stairway photo gallery this is on hold since we started looking for houses
64a. Make a dentist appointment this month (1/11)
64b. Make a doctor appointment (yearly check up) also this month (1/11) Appointment was 1/13
65. Save $500 for our Chicago/Michigan vacation in April $325 doing well
66. Pay off best buy credit card next month (2/11) will be done on Friday!
67. Go to gym or hike/run outdoors M-F for 30 days (started 1/10/11) Did well in Jan. but not so great in Feb...March is a new month!
68.Visit 5 new restaurants in Sonoma or Napa county 1.Mikes at the Crossroad in Cotati 2. Flavor in Santa Rosa 1/14 3. Rosso in Santa Rosa 1/20/11 4. Carlos Country Kitchen in Santa Rosa 2/10/11
69. Cook 2 new things every month 1.dumpling vegetable soup
70. Talk to long distance friends on a monthly basis bee…

Anderson Valley

Last Wednesday night Rollie and I headed up to Anderson Valley for some R&R.  It actually snowed on the way over (nothing was sticking but it was a pretty crazy drive).  We arrived just before 8pm to the converted Apple Dryer on Goldeneye's property.  The guest house is super cozy and has the most amazing views of the vineyards.  We made some nachos in the the little toaster oven and enjoyed a couple beers before calling it a night... exhausted from our work week and the drive up.

Thursday morning we woke up, made some breakfast and walked over to Goldeneye's tasting room (both of our first times there...although I had enjoyed the wines before) it was a cool, rainy day so we sat by the fireplace and enjoyed a tasting.  After Goldeneye we headed up the street to the bustling town of Philo (1 general store, a post office, hardware store and Libby's Mexican restaurant).  We grabbed lunch at Libby' carnitas both of us had ever had.  After lunch we continued up …