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November Wrap Up

*Started Christmas shopping
*Started soccer on Saturday mornings with Ens
*Played in the Patel's new beautiful backyard
*Had a girls night in with wine and Halloween candy while they guys attended a Stanford game
*Went on a walk with friends
*Picked up my mom from the Airport on 11/6 and had dinner & drinks in SF
*Went shopping with the girls and my mom
*Watched the saddest night in history at Kristina's house (election night)
*More soccer and awesome little sister cheer squad
*Celebrated Grennan's second birthday with delicious homemade Indian food and framily
*Headed to the coast for an amazing day of fun and fresh air
*Snuggles with Grandma
*Park date, hot day!
*Massages and Thai food with my mom
*Date night at Russian River (Mustache thanks to Mo-vember)