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Week in review

This past week started out with playgroup at the park.  It's really nice to change up our location once in a while.  We played on the playground go a while before letting all the babes play & snack on the blankets.  Afterwards lily and I ran a bunch of errands.  One of those errands included me getting a mini kurig...I'm obsessed now. Wednesday we attempted to go for our weekly jog with Melissa & jack but I had forgotten that my stroller had a flat from before leaving for Michigan.  So lily and I hung out around the house in the morning.  Then we ran an errand for my boss, got my car smog checked and temporarily fixed the stroller so we could take a little stroll in the afternoon.  Then just before Rollie got home I took Lilys 11 month pics. Thursday after work we meet a few friends at the windsor town green for a concert in the park. Friday & Saturday were pretty mellow.  However on Saturday Lily started walking with her shopping cart and now she is hooked! Sunday Rol…

Week in Review & Michigan

Where do I start?  It seems like its been forever since last Monday.  I worked last Monday and don't seem to have any pictures in my phone so nothing interesting must have happened.  On Tuesday morning Lily and I hit up Boudin bakery for some coffee and a sourdough roll before meeting two of my coworkers for a walk at Spring Lake.  After our walk the four of us girls headed out to Russian River and Dry Creek Valley for a little wine tasting and touring.  Kellie moved from Colorado to Napa and has never been to this side of the valley so Sally, our terrific tour guide, showed her around.  Sally used to work for Gallo and her husband still does so we were able to check out some of Gallo's private properties; Frei Ranch and Mac Murray Ranch.  Both amazing.  That afternoon I got a spray tan for Shannon's wedding then relaxed at home.

 Wednesday I ran last minute errands before our trip and packed.  Thursday morning we were off for Michigan. Our flight was delayed which was a b…