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Lily's first Easter

Today was Lily's first Easter.  I originally wasn't even going to get her a basket because I thought she wouldn't really get into it but I'm sooo glad that I changed my mind.  I randomly decided to browse Pottery Barn kids site early in the week and noticed that all of their Easter baskets and liners were on major sale.  I grew up loving Peter Rabbit so I decided on a classic white Peter Rabbit liner with her full name embroidered.  I didn't think that it would ship in time so that night I ran into Joanne's to grab a basket that I could use this year and year after year thinking I would just omit the liner this time around but the liner came on Friday!  Wednesday night I picked up a few things at Target for her basket.  Puffs, socks, spoons that attach to baby food pouches (genius!!), a few sippy cups, one outfit, bunny ears, a  new toy, and of course some plastic Easter eggs.

This morning we all slept in (7:30ish) yay!  And then headed into the family room for…

Week in Review

Monday we met Rollie on his lunch break for a nice walk around his building surroundings.  I parked 1 1/2 miles away and jogged to meet him so it ended up being a 3.5 miles jog/walk which was nice and it was super nice seeing him in the middle of the day.  After our walk we headed to trader joes for our weekly grocery shopping and then home to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday Lily and I snuggled in bed for a bit before heading over to Zenia and Zachary's for playgroup.  Zenia lives a little over a mile so Lily and I jogged there and walked back.  It was a small group which is sometimes nice for the mom's and the babies.  After playgroup we met Dawn/Aryia, Micaela/Ensley and Lyndsay for lunch at Chloe's.  Dawn and Micaela couldn't make playgroup because the girls were having napping issues earlier in the morning so it was nice to catch up.  After lunch Lily and I headed to  met Jack and Melissa for our weekly afternoon walk.  We've been doing these hills…

A girl and her dog

One of my biggest concerns coming home from the hospital after having Lily was how our first 'baby' (our dog) Rufus would react. We brought him home the day after our honeymoon 4 years ago when he was just 10 weeks old so he's been a part of our family since day one. He's a very sweet dog but hyper and used to being spoiled. My mother in law brought home a blanket from the hospital to let him sniff the day before we brought Lily home. I'm not sure if this really helped at all but I've been very impressed with how well he's handled being a big brother.

And now over the last few weeks she's been obsessed with him. Following his every move with her eyes, gently petting him, and even excepting lots of wet kisses. Rufus on the other hand is still a bit apprehensive but warming up. He's also not once mistaken one of his toys for his own.

Tonight we had another couple over for dinner who I've met through our playgroup, Rosey & Tim and their…

7 Months

How do we have a 7 month old!?  It seems like just yesterday we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl! 

Weight: No idea...probably 15.5 or so

Diet:  Breastmilk, formula, peas, squash, sweet potatoes pears, apples, cucumbers, oat cereal, green beans, and prunes.

Sleep: Great.  Naps are becoming pretty consistent and nighttime is good too.  She typically takes a morning nap for an hour between 8-9, a catnap midday around 12 or so if we are out and about and then another hour to hour and a half between 3-5 somewhere.  After daylights savings we started to push bed time back a bit and its working in our favor.  We start bath time around 6:50, play or read for a bit, nurse and then bed time at 7:30.  She's usually up once between 2-3 to nurse and then back down until 7.  I'll take it! 

Health: Great.  

Baby Gear We're loving:
-baby Einstein jumper....still a bit too small for it but can tell it will be great
-piano play mat
-sofie the giraffe 
-stuffed bunny
-any teething toy…

Week in Review

After a busy weekend, Lily and I took it easy on Monday and enjoyed lounging around, running a few errands, and cleaning house.

Tuesday was playgroup at Cameron and Reese's and it was dominated by the girls...with the exception of Hudson.  Playgroup seems to be getting shorter now that the babes are getting a bit older and can't just fall asleep in our arms, its a bit sad but at the same time exciting to watch them grow.  By the end of the summer I'm sure we will be at parks watching them walk!  Crazy.

Tuesday night we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We waited to celebrate because it was restaurant week in Sonoma County and we wanted to take advantage of the the good deals.  Our good friends Kristen and Kerry have been offering to watch Lily for us for months now so we finally took them up on the offer.  They are both going to be awesome parents someday!  Rollie and I headed downtown and grabbed a beer at Russian River before our 7:30pm reservation at Bruno…