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Sunday Funday

We've really been taking advantages of the last few Sundays.  It's our only day off together as a whole family so its nice to spend time just the three of us.  Three weeks ago we drove up to Lake Sonoma and then had an early dinner in Healdsburg.  Last weekend we met Rollie's godparents for lunch at Cavallo Point and then headed over to Stinson Beach for a nice walk along the ocean and then had a beer outside in the Beer Garden at Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Today we lounged around all morning after having a little too much wine last night with our friends Kerry and Kristen.  Around lunch time we decided to head into Healdsburg for lunch at Bear Republic Brewery and then we took a drive around Alexander Valley while making one pit stop at Stonestreet Vineyards for a little wine tasting and beautiful views.

I remembered my good camera for Lake Sonoma and today but failed at the beach last week. Here are a few pics.  We are so fortunate to live in such an incredible area.


I started reading blogs almost 5 years ago. It first started with following a few photographers when I was laid off and thinking of pursuing a career in the photography field (that didn't happen), then it was home improvement blogs after we bought our first house (and I still follow many of those), and most recently pregnancy blogs that have now in a way turned into 'mommy' blogs.  I really enjoy reading a select few women's journeys through motherhood.  I even follow some of these women on Instagram and in a way some of us have become IG 'friends'.  Two of them posted about a topic today that I really can relate to.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  We are surrounded by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reality tv, Blogs and Pintrest that it is WAY to easy to find ways to compare our lives with those we know as well as complete strangers.  I work in the luxury wine industry and I meet people everyday that don't even blink at dropping a mortgage payment worth o…

Weekly Review

We played in the kitchen, ate lots of yummy food, had playgroup in the park, met aunties k&k for lunch at Russian River, babysat Jack, pretend drove the car, walked Spring Lake, dressed for Fall, bathed with friends, watched Stanford football, played in the shower while I was showering, had lunch with Grandpa Sal and Grandma Cathy (failed to take pictures), walked around the Corte Madera Mall, walked Stinston Beach, and danced with the band at Lagunitas Brewery.  Fun week!!

Lily & Jack

Yesterday I watched Jack (19 months) all day.  I was a bit nervous about having 2 under 2 for 8 hours but it went very smooth.  Jack is extremely mellow and it was so cute watching them play together.  Different nap and feeding times were challenging but nothing unmanageable.  It's so nice to have friends to trade off with.  Thanks Melissa!

Weekly Roundup

Last Sunday afternoon we had a few friends over for a casual bbq for Rollies birthday. Monday I left work early and ran a ton of errands. Solo. It was very productive and nice.
Tuesday morning Lily and I snuggled in bed before heading to playgroup.  I also tried to let Lily feed herself with a spoon. Playgroup was at Lyndsay & Alden's where Lily rode the backyard rollercoaster.
Wednesday Lily and I heard down to the city to meet 2 of my sorority sisters and their husbands for lunch and a little shopping.  Lily also got a really cute hat from the Downers trip to Ireland.
Thursday we tested out Lilys new Carseat on the way to daycare.

Friday & Saturday were absolute insane for me at work but Saturday we met up with my friends who were in town for a great dinner at Lucy in Yountville.  Melissa babysat for us, Lily & Jack had a goodnight together. Yesterday we did some stiff around the house and then took a little drive to Lake Sonoma.  Then walked around Healdsburg.  Perfect way…