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Afternoon in San Francisco

Sunday after nap we headed down to the city to explore and have dinner with Cathy & Sal.  We started off at Crissy Field for a stroll along the marina.  Afterwards we did a little window shopping in the marina area before meeting Cathy & Sal for dinner at Bin38.I usually don't love candid pics of myself but Rollie snapped a few cute ones of me and Lily with the good camera.

31 Weeks

Single digits baby!!!!  I'm so excited to say I only have 9 weeks (8.5 as I write this) to go.

Cooking time: 31 weeks, 4 days

Weight gain: 20+ range
Food aversions/cravings: chips...the salty cravings are killing me.  I also had a hankering for spaghetti and garlic bread so we made that last night...yum! 
Sleep: Surprisingly good, two nights ago I didn't even get up until 4ish to use the bathroom which is crazy!
Movement: Tons and tons, again so much more active than Lily but it could also be that the 2nd time around I'm just alot more aware of things.
Overall feelings/symptoms: My back is really bad.  I finally saw a chiropractor on Monday for the first time in my relief yet.  I've been twice and have some temporary relief but then it goes right back to hurting.  I'm going to give it a few weeks and hope that it helps.  I'm stretching and icing too but other than that I haven't walked/exercised in almost 2 weeks now and its beyond frustrating.  I of co…

Lost Pictures

Its just way to easy to take pictures solely on my phone these days.  I've made a promise to myself to really try to play around more with the manual settings on my phone once I'm on leave before the new baby comes.  Until then here are a few pictures from the the last couple of months with the 'real' camera.