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Happy New Year...and some!

Earlier this month we enjoyed some rainy days...errands, crafts, stir craziness!

Lily's favorite new thing is showering with me, which honestly is alot easier than a bath at times so I go with it whenever she asks.

The girls LOVE their pottery barn chairs...somehow they still fight over them...maybe we should have gone nameless!

We enjoyed a yummy dinner over at the Kliegls one evening.

Lily started round 2 of dance class.  She looks WAY too grown up with her hair in a slick bun.

My daycare providers schedule is changing a bit, as will my work schedule but in the meantime we've had some much appreciated help from Micaela.  She claims its easier when Piper is there to play with Quinn!

Before we headed off to Cabo (child free) both girls got sick of course.  Poor girls!  The winter time is just so frustrating with germs and sickness!

We had brunch in Sonoma at Fremont Diner with the Busam's and saw precious little Brynn.

Sadly we sad goodbye to good friends, Kasey, Aaron and…