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40 Weeks/Birth Story

Well as most of you know by now I made it to 40 weeks...40 weeks and 2 days actually.  This picture was taken on Sunday, August 26th prior to taking a nice long walk with Rufus and Rollie in hopes to start such luck.  Monday rolled around and we went to the Dr.  I was about 2 cm and my midwife 'stripped my membranes' again and we called the hospital to schedule an induction on Thursday morning.  The plan was to check into the hospital at 8pm on Wednesday evening where they would apply cervidal to 'ripen my cervix' and then I would start pitocin on Thursday morning.  Well...luckily non of this had to happen!  After the Dr. on Monday my friend Meghan came over for lunch (we made salad and enchiladas) after lunch I just didn't feel well.  My back really started to hurt and I had no energy.  That night we just relaxed and watched tv on the couch.  I had a few random contractions but nothing strong enough or regular enough to track.  I didn't even want t…

39 Weeks

Cooking time: 39 weeks, 1 day...really hoping this is my last pregnancy post :) Weight gain: +24 lbs...gained 3 whole pounds in 10 days in between Dr. appointments this time around!
Maternity clothes: Same...dresses and skirts :) Food cravings: No cravings...haven't really been in the mood to cook.  Its been in the mid 90's all week so I've just been trying to drink ALOT of water.
Food dislikes: nothing Missing: Sleeping, bending over/tying shoes, getting off the couch...ugh its all just annoying now. What we've been up to: 
-I'm officially bored on maternity leave.  The house is clean, all baby clothes are washed and organized, there are a couple freezer meals ready for post baby, hospital bags have been packed and repacked, and car seat bases are installed.
-We had a great day off together yesterday.  We hit up 2 new wineries nearby (don't worry I tasted but spit).  We went to Thomas George Estates which had really great Chardonnay and Pinot and nice tasting in the c…