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Dec 27-Jan 3

Grandma Janet came to visit the day after Christmas. She spoiled the girls with lots of new books, puzzles and crafts. We celebrated New Years Eve (east coast time of course) at the Kliegls with the Patels, Changs and Overbys. It was super fun and the kids partied too. We did a blind champagne tasting. Yum!
The following day we had a few people over for the Rose Bowl.  And Rollie snuggles baby Oliver.
I took that whole weekend so it was really nice to have some family time. We went on a great hike at Taylor Mtn Saturday. That night we went to a late Holiday dinner with the Patels and Kliegls to discuss our trip to cabo :)
Sunday afternoon Micaela, Kristina, Kasey and I took the girls down to Oakland to see Disney Live. The girls loved it! We stopped at Sol Food on the way home.

Dec 13-27

A couple of weeks ago Lily and I had a little day date Christmas shopping and out to lunch.  That afternoon we went to Ruby's 3rd birthday party at Kid Party Central...the kids had a blast.  That evening I met up with Meghan in Corte Madera for more Christmas shopping followed by dinner and drinks.

That Monday I ran errands in the morning and then had an afternoon playdate and mommy white elephant gift exchange.  Lily and Ensley disappeared for a while and literally emptied out all of her drawers and bottom half of closet.  When asked what they were doing they casually replied with 'making a mess' Omg!

I attempted to take a picture of the girls one morning since they had on cute outfits.

I left work early that Wednesday to pick up a sick Piper :(

Thursday night I went to the annual Fit4Mom Holiday Party.  White Elephant with 35 moms that don't get out much is crazy!

We got some cute pictures of Lily from school.

Rollie had friends in town for the Star Wars premiere.  T…