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November 16-22

Look at me ahead of the game!

Last Monday we went to my friend Jean Claires house to see her nursery and run some errands together-Target and Home Goods.  J.C. was due with her first little boy December 12th but he ended up making his early debut the following day!  Her and her husband Tom were quiet shocked, but everyone is healthy and happy!

The work week was quiet boring and routine.  Really nothing happened during the week which was actually very nice with the busy Holidays coming up.

I did get the girls some matching elf pajamas though.

Saturday Rollie and the girls came to visit me at work.  We ate lunch outside and walked around the beautiful property.

Last night our friends from Chico came for the night.  We made a great dinner; salad, fall root veggies, and pot roast with some delicious 2010 Atlas Peak Merlot.  We had a sitter come for a few hours so we could escape to a few breweries too!

Were hoping to have a lazy Sunday.  We started off with a cinnamon roll casserole and n…

November 1-15

Well unless I have documented pictures, I had no clue what we did! 
Works been very busy for me so our evenings are short and exhausting right now. 
We've managed to sprinkle in some fun though.
Two weeks ago I had a girls night in at, pjs and girl talk with Dawn, Micaela, Kristina & Kasey. Much needed catching up.
I also hosted a Stella & Dot show with Micaelas friend Lindsay who does Rodan & Fields.  No pics from either :/ Just Lily and I in the morning and Night time pics from Rollie.

Lily's been brining home TONS of artwork. No clue what to do with it all, but "momma I made this for you" never gets old.

Lazy Sunday snuggles.

This Monday after errands. I went to a surprise baby shower for one of the stroller stride instructors.  There were cake pops...Lily was happy.

Lily's been independently entertaining herself really well these days. (Playing/sharing with Piper-not so well)

Monday after naps we had the Kliegl girls over for an impromptu s…

November already?!

Well it took a full week for Piper and I to recover from pink eye but everyone else avoided it. I survived my first pick up party weekend at work.  

I brought Lily home a big pumpkin cookie.

We got some pictures from Lily in action at school. Sadly we missed her Halloween carnival.
Piper had a Halloween party at daycare.

We drove down to Orange County, left the girls with my aunt and uncle and escaped to the desert for a wedding! It was so nice to have 48 hours childless. My friend Jamie and Chris tied the know Friday night before Halloween. We were still gone for Halloween but my Aunt and Uncle took the girls to a few houses. Lily wore her superwoman costume.  Sunday we enjoyed my aunts backyard and sunset drinks at the ritz. The girls wore third matching drindls from Germany. Monday was a long, long, long drive home :/