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My funny little Valentine

I whipped out the 'good' camera on Valentines Day morning to snap a few pics of Lily. I'm so bad about just using my Iphone these days, its nice to have some good pictures.  Her smile these days just cracks me up, she totally knows when to be cheesy for the camera now.

Week in review

We had a pretty mellow week.  Monday we had kindergym, and Lily is definitely getting more adventurous.  Tuesday we had playgroup and then walked spring lake in the afternoon.  We also got Lilythr radio flyer trike I've been wanting to get her for 6 months now.  I think she likes it. Thursday after work we met up with Kerry and Kristin at John ash just down the street from us.  We've finally come to the realization that we can't go out to dinner anymore :( The last few times it's just been too stressful and we just end up taking turns running around outside.This weekend I've been fighting a bug of some sort so we've just been a bit lazy which goes along with the rain we are finally getting.
Tolday Rollie let me sleep in and ordered breakfast in from our favorite spot.  Thanks baby! We menu planned and grocery shopped for the week and Loly and I made some valentine Rice Krispie treats.  Mmmmm

Week in Review

Its time I start these up again because I'm forgetting what we did just yesterday!

The last week in January I was off work so I was fortunate enough to get ALOT of projects done around the house.  Lily went to daycare still Wed-Fri and I organized every nook and cranny of our house.  I also deep cleaned the kitchen.  Rollie stained our deck and we painted all of the columns which used to be a dark green with a nice neutral beige that the rest of the trim on the house is.  Our next big project is figuring out what to do with our backyard.  I just wish yard crashers would come and do it all!

Lily is full of energy these days (as any 17 month is) and we've been trying to keep busy with kindergym, playgroup, walks, and introducing new activities at home (coloring, play-do, counting, identifying body parts, animal sounds etc.)  I've never been happier that we converted our old 'family room' into her playroom.  She has tons of room to play and make a big mess and we do…