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December is here

Can't believe its the Holiday Season already.  It always comes too fast.

We got our family pictures back!  They were a bit challenging this year (trying to get a good one of all 4 of us actually smiling and looking at the camera) but I love how they turned out.

Friday the 4th I hosted a Holiday Stella and Dot show with my friend Lyndsay who does Rodan and pictures but it was fun to have people over to start off the Holidays.

The following night the Kliegls came over to watch the Stanford/USC game last Saturday.  The girls played all night of course and asked for a sleepover...maybe one day soon :)

Last Sunday we literally didn't get out of pjs all day.  Clearly we all needed a day to catch up.

Monday we ran a ton of errands and did stuff around the house.

This week was pretty quiet during the work week (which is nice).  I snuck away one night for a massage and solo costco trip, and the following night Rollie did the same except had drinks with the boys not Costco …

Thanksgiving week

We've had a nice combo of being busy and trying to relax and enjoy life at home during the rainy cozy days/nights.  
We had some park fun before the rain.

Lily has been going through a bit of a hard bed time phase.  Now that she can get out of bed and her room she creeps out to the family room (where we are usually unwinding and watching tv) and make a million excuses for why she can't fall asleep.  There were 4 or 5 nights in a row that was just exhausting between 7-9pm and then by the time she actually fell asleep I was ready for bed!  We've tried bribing her with new little toys (even though Christmas is right around the corner) as well as taking away ipad privileges, and that one actually seemed to work.  She's also not wearing a pull up anymore at night time so there is the occasional mid night or early early morning wake up to go potty, but we are very proud of her for getting up vs. having an accident. 

The week of Thanksgiving we headed over to the Patels for a…