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Shell Beach

Yesterday we decided to head to the coast for a little playtime as a family.  We researched some beaches and decided on Shell Beach, because of the tide pools.  Both girls fell asleep on the way out so we ended up driving a bit further South than originally planned but still ended up turning around and going to Shell Beach.  It was pretty foggy and chilly when we arrived (typical Northern California beach day) but the sun actually ended up coming out and it got pretty hot!  There were some steep stairs heading down to the beach but it was worth it since it was a very small enclosed area.  We stayed for about two hours, dipped our toes in the freezing cold water, saw some critters in the tide pools and built some sand castles.  Plus it was Pipers first time to the beach :)

Start of Summer

I'm a bit behind after getting back from Chicago.

We had Lilys end of year preschool ceremony.

It actually rained.

Rollie and I had a date night while Grandma Janet was here.

I had a great Stella &Dot show at Jean Claires.

We had a fun family pizza night at the Patels to say goodbye to their old house before moving to a new one here in Santa Rosa.

I went up to Goldeneye with some work friends.  The girls did great.

We enjoyed some outdoor meals.

Grandma Anne came up for and afternoon and dinner.

I had the stomach flu for 4 days. No fun.

We celebrated Fathers Day with breakfast out, a long walk at Spring Lake, and naps :)

We enjoyed the baby pool and hot temps this past week.

I had some friends stop by for a visit while they were in town wine tasting.

Lily and I snuggled one morning (since I was still not 100%).

I had a work picnic at Three Palms Vineyard.

Lily loves her trampoline.
K&K came over for a BBQ.

I had a mothers night out at a pottery painting studio, super fun.

Piper 9 Months

Size: Still no idea.  We have a Dr. appointment this week for her 9 month well check up.  Wearing 12 month + clothing.

Sleep: We can finally say that she is sleeping through the night.  For atleast a month now she sleeps from 7pm to 5:30am.  Typically around 5 or 5:30 she will fuss and I'll bring her into our bed and she falls back asleep until 6:30 or 7 depending on the day (if I need to get up or not).  Naps are generally from 9-1030am and 130-330pm.  
Food: 8oz bottles at 7am, 12pm, and 6pm.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. She is quiet the little eater.  There hasn't been one thing yet that she has refused except some baby oatmeal.  Her favorites are cheerios, fruit, meatballs, cheese, avocado, and pasta.
New milestones: Somewhat army crawling.  She can definitely get from one side of the room to another by scooching and army crawling but won't get up on all fours yet.  She also has no desire to put any weight on her legs if we stand her up, its pr…


We started June off with stroller strides of course (our Monday jam) and then our friend Kasey did mini photo sessions of the girls as a project with a  kids shop owner in a nearby town, I'll share her pictures later...the ones below are just from my phone.  Ensley and Lily played so well together before and after getting their pics taken and of course Piper was perfect.  After the photo sesh we went to KIN in Windsor for lunch, it was pushing it for nap times but the girls did pretty good and they got to make their own pizza to share.

Lily has really been taking a liking to Piper and she read her a bedtime story that night.

Tuesday I had my first body back bootcamp assessment at 5:30am.  We got weighed, measured and did several timed exercises to see where we match up at the end of 8 weeks.  I also managed to make it to Stroller Barre that morning too...double work out :)  Playgroup didn't happen because everyone was busy or sick so Amy and I took the kids to the museum to bu…