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Piper 4 Months

Look at me...updated on her actual 4 month birthday! 

Size: Appointment is on the 2oth.  Pretty much wearing all 6 month clothing and eating like crazy so my guess is between 14-15 pounds.

Sleep: Ehh...4 month sleep regression is the real deal.  For the last few weeks she has been up on average 3x a night and has a really hard time going back down between 4am and 7am...this is usually when she comes into bed with us mostly because I don't want her crying to wake up Lily.  Napping is getting better and on a pretty decent schedule.  8:30am-long morning nap, 11:30/12-sometimes a small cat nap, and 1:30-long afternoon nap.  She is down for the night at 6:30.
Food: Although nursing has been so easy this time around we did introduce a little formula last week.  I only have a chance to pump twice at work and usually come home with between 10-12 oz but she's drinking around 12-15 oz while I'm away from her and my freezer supply was depleted.  I really can't wait to add solids b…

The Holidaze

Another Holiday season has come and gone and since it was weeks ago and I failed to blog sooner this will probably be short and sweet with lots of pictures.  We've made it an unofficial tradition to have a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as a family.  I always woke up in my own room/house and I want my children to do the same.  We make breakfast burritos Christmas Eve for dinner, watch Christmas movies, and open one present; new pajamas.  Christmas morning we make mimosas, monkey bread and start in on the stockings.  This year Rollie and I only gave each other pajamas and stocking stuffers. Lily got pretty spoiled and Piper didn't get much because, well, she doesn't know better.  We got Lily a big stuffed Minnie Mouse puzzles, Disney princess figurines, egg carton shape sorter, queen elsa nightgown, and a wooden camera.  That afternoon Grandma Janet arrived and Lily had Christmas round 2 with a leap frog jr and some books to go along, stickers, and coloring books…