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Piper 10 Months

Size: We had her 9 month check up on July 7th (so closer to 10 months than 9). She weighed in at 20 lbs 4 oz and was 29.25 inches long. 70% for weight and 90% for length.  I'm pretty sure Lily was only 18 lbs at a year!

Sleep: Pretty much the same.  Down for the night around 7 and sleeps until 5:30 or 6:00am. Last night was 4:00am and she maybe went back to sleep for a half an hour.  I'd be happy if she could just stay in her own bed until 6:30am like her sister but I suppose we have to be grateful that she sleeps through the night.
*i wrote this a couple of days ago. We got a sound machine and Pipers been sleeping in later!

Food: We still offer bottles at 7am, 12pm and 6pm but she's becoming less and less interested.  She either downs it or just plays with it.  She eats 3 full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I mean FULL meals.  This girl can eat.  We've offered her pretty much everything at this point except nuts and peanut butter.
New milestones: Army crawling. …

Feels Like Summertime

Last week we kicked off swim lessons.  We are taking private lessons through a friends mom and the pool just happens to be in our neighborhood which is really nice.  Monday we went for a little run before the lesson and even had time to stop at the park too.  Lily did great for her first lesson.  She listened to everything Miss Kelly had to say and wasn't too afraid to try new things out.  We have 8 lessons this month so I'm really hoping she is actually swimming by August.  We are also fortunate enough to be able to try out a local athletic club and pool this month since one of our friends is the athletic director there.  Monday night we went to check it out and have a swim.

Tuesday we had swimming again and then we went to Kristina and Emma's for playgroup.  That afternoon we had Pipers 9 month check up (even though she turned 10 months yesterday).  After the doctor we came home and got ready to meet friends in Sonoma for the farmers market/concert in the park.  Keith an…

Hello July

I can't believe its July already.  We started off last week at Stroller strides of course and I only had my single stroller in the trunk.  I was planning on carrying Piper in the ergo but a friends nicely offered to share her double with Lily and her daughter Autumn since her youngest was at home.  Afterwards we did our quarterly Costco run.  Its fun to have the girls share a cart now.

Tuesday it was hot!  We went to stroller barre and then we had playgroup at Amy's and then the girls took nice naps after being outside all morning.  That evening we sat on the deck once it finally cooled off.

Piper is talking sooo much and trying really hard to crawl, she has the army crawl down fast but won't get up on her knees. She did say momma this week though!
Wednesday evening I ran the hills with Sally, 3x.  We died. 

Thursday evening we were supposed to head to the summer concert in Windsor but at the last minute we realized it was Friday night because of the 4th of July.  Ooops.  I…