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I haven't had too much time to get out and take pictures this past week...well maybe that's a lie. After my first week of working full time again I was a total couch potato this weekend. I did take my camera down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and got a few cool shots. Spring is definitely around the corner, its funny after being in LA for so long, where there are no seasons, to actually experience seasons again!

Happy Valentines Day! I spent the day with my hubby at a nice brunch, a walk around town, and the movies, Valentine's Day of course! He is now off to the Bay Area for training all week :( It's been a crazy week or so since my last post...I have a new job! I'm starting at Improvement Direct on Tuesday in sales/customer service and I can't wait. I had to drop my film class which was sad, but I am able to keep my digital class since its at night. I think its going to be a tough long week; actually waking up to an alarm clock, packing a lunch and a gym bag...but 100% worth it. I need a schedule, I'm a planner and its been driving me nuts over the last 6 months not knowing my schedule weeks in advance, and I've just been watching too much TV, ha! With that said I needed to post because it might be a crazy week. Rollie and I were fortunate enough to have a few days off together this past week and I was able to take some great pictures, especially up in the sn…


I love love love my classes! Unfortunately I'm back to looking for a full time job, which means I may have to drop my black and white film class and just continue with my digital night class. I'm trying to take things one day at a time but I seem to look WAY into the future and get stressed out about things I can't even control yet. I have an interview tomorrow for a great job at a great company, but instead of being excited I started to think, what about my upcoming trips, what about school, etc. I always do this and it needs to stop. This brings me to my pictures for the day, yesterday in between class I drove down this little two lane road, pulled off to the side and waited for the sunset. I just downloaded this cool app for my iphone that shows sunrise and sunset times. During this half hour or so all I thought about was how beautiful the surroundings were and was at peace with everything in my life...I need to do this more often!