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Pipers first two weeks

Wow! I can't believe it's been two weeks.  We are all doing great (a little tired of course) but for the most part everything is good.  We had our first doctors appointment Tuesday after she was born and she had lost almost a pound, which is of course stressful.  The doctor wasn't too worried but told us to get lots of rest, drink lots of water (me), and nurse on demand/or every 3 hours...and if she didn't seem satisfied to supplement a couple ounces of formula.  We went home and got the next 3 days I nursed and pumped a lot :). I'm tying to pump more this time to not only boost my supple but stock some milk away early.  We went back to the dr. on Friday and Piper had gained 6 oz which was really good!  She was back up to 8 lbs, 9 oz.  and without having to supplement.  We now don't go back until mid October.  One thing Piper does that Lily never did is cluster feed which is exhausting but seems to be only once and a while.
Sleep has been really pretty good  too.…

Welcome to the world Piper!

Before my adrenaline turns into exhaustion and it's fresh in my head I thought id document Pipers birth story.
I went to the doctor on Thursday the 11th, the day after my due date.  I hadn't seen Cecelia the last two visits and she wondered why I didn't come in earlier in the week but with Labor Day everything had been pushed back.  Anyways, I jokingly said 'let's get this baby out!' And she said 'ok' let's do it tonight...but it was too late in the day to schedule an induction so we called the hospital and scheduled it for 6am on Friday the 12th.  Ahhhh!!!  Lily and I headed over to Micaelas house to swim with her and a Ensley since it was 95 degrees out and I was miserably uncomfortable!  
We called Kerry and Kristen to let them know we were going to be leaving for the hospital early and they were going to be watching Lily.  Kristen came to stay the night and we tried our best to get some sleep.  Unfortunately I got a call from the hospital at 5am s…

39 weeks

Cooking time: 39 weeks, 5 days!

Weight gain: 28 lbs
Food cravings: spicy sausage and sweets of course...luckily I've had my fair share of sweets from Rollie's birthday weekend. 
Sleep: Actually really good.  I think I'm physically just exhausted & done being pregnant that I've been passing out at night.  I've also consistently been napping during Lilys nap.
Movement: Still a big mover.  She's definitely dropped so it's easier to breathe but of course you trade off more pelvic pressure.
Overall feelings/symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks, pelvic pressure, and getting tired very easily.   Getting up and down is really hard...pretty much just really uncomfortable.  My belly is actually sore, because there is No. More. Room.
What we've been up to: Mostly trying to enjoy time with Lily...trips to parks, playing outside, and several trips to the childrens museum.  We celebrated Rollie's birthday with a nice dinner out on Friday night while my cousin and his gi…

Lily 2 years old

A bit behind but I've been sulking about no baby yet!  I know it's not even my due date yet (9/10) but I just had high hopes for an early delivery with baby girl #2.  Oh well, nature will run it's course.
Lily turned 2 almost 3 weeks ago but we just had her check up last week.  She's healthy as can be and of course that's all we can hope for!  She's 25 lbs and 32.50 inches which finally brought her out of the 2% height chart and all the way up to 16%!  The doctor thinks she will probably top out at 5'3...but we shall see.
As far as other 'milestones' go she's talking like crazy...full sentences and questions.  My favorite right now is if she does FaceTime with my mom she takes the phone away from me, walks away and has a full conversation with her.  Neither of us have a clue what she's saying but it's pretty classic.  It took her a while to get running down but had it mastered now and she's still working on jumping with both feet.  Co…