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Lily 10 Weeks

Weight: 10 lbs on the dot last week at her 2 month check up.  She's definitely on the smaller side for her age but the Doctor said she's healthy and has no concerns.

Health: Wonderful.  She had her 2 months shots and took them like a champ...its so hard seeing them cry, but I nursed her immediately afterwards and then she slept all night that night...more on that in a bit.

Diet:  100% breastmilk

Clothing: 0-3 month/3 month.  Loving the cooler weather!  Cardigans and jeggings are just about the cutest thing on a baby.  We are headed to Michigan next week and I'm a bit worried I don't have clothing warm enough for her but I did buy a fleece onesie that she can wear as a jacket.

Sleep: Last week she slept through the night 3 nights in a row (from 10-6) but the day after her shots she went back to waking up between 2-3 again.  I tried for a few nights giving her a pacifier, putting the sound machine back on and just soothing her but that didn't work and I'd end up bein…

Busy busy bee!

It's been a crazy busy week and its only Tuesday! This past weekend we had our first overnight trip with lily. We headed down to Los altos/Stanford to tailgate and spend the night with Rollie's family, Cathy & sal. Lily did great! She was a trooper during the tailgate and then we headed to a bar to watch the game (maybe next year shell join us in the stadium).

That night she slept from 7-2 and then from 230-6...promising for my upcoming solo trip with her to Michigan.

Sunday we relaxed all day at home...very much needed for this busy week!

Yesterday a new mom friend Melissa had some moms/babies over for a Halloween costume playgroup. Lily was a pea on the pod.

Last night my friend Meghan had a bunch of us over for a pumpkin themed dinner...I'm still stuffed! we had two different types of pumpkin gnocchi, arugula salad with spicy pumpkin, pumpkin stuffed with bread, cheese, and bacon (omg!), and three different types of pumpkin dessert...lots of pumpkin beer an…


Another good day...

Lily and I walked spring lake this morning with our new mom friends/babies; Miceala/ensley and Cameron/Reese. It's really nice to meet normal people my age, with babies the same age and that can hold a good conversation. I'm a pretty out going person and have met some great friends here (santa rosa/napa) but I knew after having lily I'd really want to connect with women that also had kids. We left some amazing friends in la and right after we left they all had kids! (you know who you are...) but luckily it seems like it will be easier to connect with other moms than I thought. Thanks Cameron and Miceala (I know your stalking...I mean reading :)

Anyways, after our walk we headed down to San Rafael to have lunch with Rollie and show lily off to his coworkers. We had a nice time and I wish he was a bit closer (and he does too) because we'd do that more often. Lucky for me near his work is a great outdoor mall, so lily and I headed to corte madera …

Today is a great day!

I'm a planner...anyone who knows me knows darn well that I'm not a 'fly by the seat of my pants type'. So even though I still have 4 weeks of maternity leave I've had anxiety about my schedule when I go back for several weeks now. After our stroller strides class this morning, lily and I headed over the hill to my work to chat with both hr and my boss about the possibility of me coming back 4 days a week vs. 5...I knew this most likely wouldn't be an issue but the days I wanted off might be the issue. Before I left on leave I had Mondays and Tuesdays off and now I would ideally like Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off which would allow us to have Sunday off as a family (Rollie is changing to a mon-fri schedule, at least for now) -and this also allows us to only put lily in daycare 3 days a week. Well, my boss agreed and I got a raise! I couldn't be reassures me that I work for a great company and now I'm excited to go back, not dreading i…

7+ hours

Not sure if it was the first rain we've had since April, the fact that she only took one nap yesterday or her first time in a Velcro swaddle but this little nugget slept through the night! From 10:30-6...let's hope this is a new trend!

Lily: 2 Months

Our little angel is 2 months old today.  I can't believe how time flies by.  I also can't imagine our lives without her, I know that's so cliche to say but it really is true.  Not much has changed since I posted her 8 week stats so this will mostly be a picture overload :)  The other afternoon we played outside for a bit on her quilt (the one my mom gave her) out in the front yard and she almost rolled over (from stomach to back) but she got frustrated when she got stuck on her side.  Rollie's mom is here this weekend so we've just been enjoying the nice Fall weather and relaxing at home for the most part.  Last night our good friends Tom and JC came over to meet Lily, grub on some good food and sip on some great wine.  It's supposed to rain for the next 3 out of 4 days which is a bit odd/early for this time of year but I'm actually really looking forward to it except for the fact that we won't be able to walk...might have to power walk the mall with a …

Not so tech savvy

I finally downloaded an app so I can blog from my phone (thanks to the suggestion from my new playgroup mom friends). I'm liking it although I can only upload iPhone pics which is great for impromptu posts but for longer in depth posts ill still use our laptop so I can upload pics from our camera.

Anyways, lily and I had a good day today. Long walk at spring lake with Cameron/Reese & micaela/ensley, followed by the mall (momma got new boots!), and then home to clean, cook and relax.

I took this pic early this morning...even though I'm exhausted with lilys changing sleeping patterns I can't get get mad at this face...

The following pic is lily playing on the mat, it was close to 90 again today so she got a little more use out of her cute romper...I'm ready for fall to come back though!

Lily 8 weeks

Weight: No clue! My guess is somewhere around 9.5 lbs...we will find out next Tuesday at her 2 month check up.  She had quite the growth spurt this past weekend eating every 1 1/2-2 hours for 48 hours, needless to say we were both exhausted.

Health: Great!

Diet:  100% breastmilk

Clothing: 0-3 month fit great and some 3 month outfits are fitting pretty good.  I was really excited last week to have her in tights, leggings, jeggings, and leg warmers but then it hit 90 again yesterday so at least we are getting some wear out of her cute summer clothes.

Sleep: Getting worse :(  After her growth spurt she's still waking up twice at night (usually between 1-2 and then again between 4-5) whereas before she was only waking up around 3 and then again between 6-7.  She naps great in her crib, swing or car seat if we are out and about but I'm really hoping we can go back to the original nighttime schedule or even sleeping through the night before I head back to work.

Baby Gear We're loving…

iPhone Dump

Well I've officially become that mom who only posts pictures of her baby...on Facebook, Instagram and this blog! Although I usually upload most pictures to facebook, this is for the few that slipped by and for my mom and grandma who don't have iPhones (yet)!