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38 weeks

Cooking time: 38 weeks

Weight gain: 28 lbs
Food aversions/cravings: Nothing new...nothing actually sounds great until I actually eat.  I'm beyond uncomfortable so definitely small quantities.   
Sleep: Horrible!  I've been out on the couch the last few nights until 2ish in the morning.  When I used to see commercials for Restless Leg Syndrome I used to laugh a bit but now I realize its a real thing and it sucks!  Sadly I will probably sleep better once the baby is here.
Movement: Still a big mover.  Waiting for her to drop so I can breathe a bit easier.
Overall feelings/symptoms: Lots of braxton hicks, pelvic pressure, and getting tired very easily.   Getting up and down is really hard...pretty much just really uncomfortable. 
What we've been up to: Lily's birthday was last week and pretty much celebrated Thursday-Saturday.  Thursday night we picked up my Aunt in Oakland and went to The Homeroom with our friend Megan.  They have about a dozen different kinds of macaroni and …

Lilys Donut Shop

Yesterday we had a small birthday celebration for Lily.  I went with a donut theme and we had the party early in the day (10-12).  Food was simple (sugar overload)...donuts, bagels, fruit & cupcakes.  I attempted a photo backdrop with a few little props but its of course impossible to get 2 year olds to take a picture.  We did manage to get a few good ones though.  Lily was spoiled by friends and family with clothes, books, and some great toys.  I'm very glad I decided to do a little party...a couple months ago I wasn't sure being 37.5 weeks pregnant but we pulled it off!  Thanks Rollie & Aunt Sara!

37 Weeks

Cooking time: 37 weeks, 1 day 

Weight gain: 27 lbs. 
Food aversions/cravings: Nothing new, can't eat large amounts at all...which is for the best.  Heartburn is bad, but controllable with antacid.  
Sleep: Not great at all.  Insomnia is here to stay I think.  This restless leg syndrome is ridiculous, for some reason I do better on the couch falling asleep to the tv so I resort to this some nights.  Last night I took a unisom and slept great from 10-4 but then was up from 4am on.  Naps have been pretty regular during Lily's nap which saves me.
Movement: Lots, especially if i lay on my side.  I think she 'dropped' last week but has is back up this week, which the doctor confirmed yesterday at my appointment (and is apparently very normal with 2nd babies).
Overall feelings/symptoms: My back is still great, thank god! Tons of braxton hicks, sometimes even painful (not just uncomfortable).  
What we've been up to: I'm on maternity leave!  My last day was the 9th.  Last we…

Baby W Nursery

The Nursery is complete!  A while back I promised Rollie that our second nursery would have a Star Wars theme.  Its pretty subtle and still 'pretty' but hopefully it makes him happy.  We would still love a few more details to come together, such as an Alphabet artwork with Star Wars characters and a few more things on the shelves, but for the most part its done.  The room was navy and neither of us wanted to paint so we worked with the navy and added in several shades of purple and grey.  We also needed it to act as our guest room so we bought a 'fancy' futon from Ikea that folds out to a queen size bed.

Here it is.  I really love how its turned out.

Colorado recap

Two weekends ago we headed to Colorado for a babymoon/wedding.  We got in super late Thursday night and crashed at the hotel.  Flying at almost 35 weeks pregnant was actually not as bad as I thought.  Friday morning we headed to Denver biscuit co for breakfast. It was recommended to us from a friend and it definitely lived up to the hype.  Rollie had a biscuit breakfast sandwhich and I had a biscuit cinnamon roll with bacon on top...omg!  Afterwards we strolled around the Lower downtown district and shopped a bit before hitting Wynkoop, a brewery and another recommended lunch spot, Jonesys, known for french fries.  Rollie got the cheddar/bacon fries and I opted for the Asian chili/ginger fries.  That's all we had for lunch because we knew we wanted to save room for a nice dinner.  We napped back at the hotel before heading to The great divide brewery where we were meeting a friend from Fort Collins.  It was packed (Friday happy hour)...I've forgotten what it's like to go t…