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What we've been up to

I figured it was time for an update.  Lily is 17 months today.  Seriously where does the time go?! Time after time I keep saying that this is the best age, but it really is so much fun right now.  Lily's little personality is really shining through with all of her little querks, phrases, and moves.  A few of my favorites are her dance moves when music comes on, playing peek-a-boo or hiding from each other, and that when she's hungry now she will walk up to her highchair and wait to get in it.

On the other hand she is getting a lot picker with food (possibly due to another molar coming in), and being able to enjoy a meal out with her is pretty much impossible these days (we tried Friday night and last night-both failures).

We've been enjoying Sundays together as usual, taking nice walks, going out to breakfast, watching football with friends, and most recently we had a visit from Grandma Janet for a late Christmas celebration.  We also got a new garage door.  Life changer.…

New Years in Southern California

We spent our 2nd annual New Years down in Southern California.  Hopefully we can make this an ongoing tradition.  Its a nice time to catch up with friends and family down there.  We flew down to LAX from Santa Rosa (Amazing!) on Sunday morning and then drove straight down to my Aunts house in Laguna.  It was 75 and sunny so we took a stroll down to the beach and Lily even got her toes in the sand.  After heading back to my Aunts, Lily napped and we relaxed out back with some adult cocktails.  That evening my great friend Jamie and her boyfriend came down for dinner along with my cousins girlfriend and her family.  We had a great time...drank way too much wine, ate a great home cooked meal and laughed our butts off playing cards against humanity.

Monday morning we took our time getting ready and packed before heading back up to the South bay.  We met up with the Thompson's and adorable Chase (10 months).  We all walked from their apartment to the pier in Manhattan Beach for lunch a…

Final Holiday Bucket Score

25. Make Christmas cookies.made campfire cookies for cookie exchange at work
24. Buy a real Christmas tree & stash vases of fresh trimmings all around the house.Done 12/1
23. Send Christmas cards & find a way to display all the ones we receive *I've been wanting to find a new way to display for a couple years now.
22. Buy a new red nailpolish.didn't do this but got a pedicure with red toes...close enough
21. Hang a string of colored lights somewhere unexpected in the house. Around your chalkboard, in the bathroom or even in your closet. Lilys teepee
20. Watch Elf
19. Donate toys to a local charity. didn't get to this but I cleaned out ALOT of drawers and closets today and I'm making a trip to Goodwill tomorrow.
18. Make holiday garland.Thanks Dawn & Micaela! 
17. Take silly pictures in our reindeer antlers. totally forgot this one too
16. Make fireplace/stove s'mores & listen to Christmas music.made campfire cookies...sort of the same thing
15. Buy a new or…