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3.28 Self Portrait

Au natural.  No make up, no hair and comfy clothes...I exercised, cleaned house, paid bills, did my nails, so now its time to catch up on some recorded tv and magazines :)

3.27 Water

Its been raining like crazy...but the sun came out today!  Rufus and I went for a nice long walk this morning to enjoy the fresh air! That little guy loves the water...any kind, sprinklers, puddles, you name it!

3.23 Relaxation

I love our deck.  It was a HUGE selling point for us.  Its been a bit chilly and raining to enjoy our deck the last few weeks, but when the sun in shining that is my go to relaxation spot! Its pretty great in the evening too thanks to our Italian we just need to invest in a heat lamp!

19 Weeks

Cooking time: 19 weeks, 2 days Weight gain: +3 pounds...and here comes the weight gain! Maternity clothes: full on maternity pants and turning back now! Food cravings: Red meat, fruit, and sweets Food dislikes: nothing Missing: sleeping through the night...peeing alot and non stop mind!
What we've been up to:  Enjoying our new counter tops...we couldn't be happier with the color choice.  Thinking about nursery colors and baby gear.  I emailed all my close girlfriend mom's to get there opinions on their favorite baby items so that's helped calm my mind a bit...there is just too much out there! Having a full functioning kitchen again...yeah!

3.26 Fruit


3.22 Laugh

I'm super behind on posting my pic of the day...and honestly I don't really have any excuses!  On 3.22 the word was laugh.  On my way to work a realized that this makes me laugh every morning and every night...its Sarah and Vinnie.  I listen to them live in the morning and then I listen to their hilarious secret show on my drive home.  They get me through my 50 mile round trip commute.

3.25 Ice Cream

We had a great double date last night.  We've been meaning to go to Petite Syrah for sometime now...our friends Meg and Adam frequent it often.  So we met up after work and grubbed down.  We all started with yummy fingerling potatoes with crispy parsley and an orange aioli...yum!  Rollie and I then both had the hanger steak (surprise I wanted red meat!) and it was cooked and seasoned perfectly.  We usually don't get dessert too often but they had some unique things on the menu so we opted for the deconstructed smore.  It wasn't great. It looked pretty but I would definitely not pay $8 for it again....but it worked for my 'ice cream' pic of the day.  It had both chocolate and oatmeal ice cream.

3.21 Friend

I know its cliche to say...'marry your best friend'...and honestly we didn't start out as friends but as coworkers, then we dated, fell in love, got engaged and my husband grew into my best friend.  He's who I turned to for everything.  We can do nothing and everything together.  Neither of us have too many close friends up here...we've meet some great people but it takes years to build strong friendships.  We left behind very very close friends in LA but both of us lived there for close to 6 years, and before that we both left very close college and high school friends behind.  Luckily we both do a pretty good job of keeping in touch with friends far away.  I know we will meet people through our little bundle of joy...parenting classes, school, doctors, etc. But for now I'm happy to call my husband my best friend and I hope it stays that way for the rest of our lifetime together.  Instead of  taking one awkward picture of Rollie yesterday I've decided to m…

3.20 PINK!

Well its pretty ironic (or fate) that yesterdays word was pink.  I waiting until today to snap pics and post because we had our gender ultrasound this morning.  Our guts both said girl and we were correct!  We are having a little baby girl.  We couldn't be happier. We were of course going to be happy either way as long as our baby is healthy.  Everything looked great on the ultrasound so now its time to shop and decorate!  Rollie and I drove separate cars because he had to go to work, so I of course immediately went to Target and Old Navy, but I was too overwhelmed! Here are a few pics I snapped on my Iphone...girls clothes are just too darn cute!

3.19 Dress

I recently found this dress at Old Navy and I think it will probably be one of my favorite maternity items for the next few months...even though its not maternity.  A classic wrap dress was missing from my wardrobe.  I can wear it now with leggings and boots and in the summer with flats to work.  Perfect!

3.18 Lace

I don't really own any lacy clothing so I opted for my undies...yep.  These days (almost 5 months pregnant) I'm pretty much only comfortable in my cotton/lace Victoria Secret thongs these days.  I love these cotton on the bottom, stretchy lace on the top...I probably have 7 or so I think it might be time for some new ones :)

3.17 Balloons

I got nothing.  I took some pictures of a few balloons outside an apartment open house down by my aunt's house over the weekend but they turned out really boring and I just couldn't justify using them.  I'll have to come back to this one!

3.14 Flowers

Well this one came pretty easy.  On Wednesday we (Aunts, Uncle, Grandma, and Mom) had lunch at K'ya in Laguna Beach and then we strolled around town for a bit.  I came across the cutest little flower stand, snapped a few shots and thought my assignment for the day would be complete...but then we decided to walk around the Montage grounds and strand.  WOW!  The colors are amazing...everything is in bloom and manicured perfectly.  So I snapped away!  Definitely couldn't pick just one for today.