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My latest read...

I have lots to blog about, Chicago, Michigan, our recent weekend in San Fran...but this comes first.  Last week I was doing my usual 'before bedtime Facebook scan', and I came across a post from a High School friend.  Maggie had posted an article about Natalie Taylors new memoir, 'Signs of Life'.  I knew it was going to be released  this Winter/Spring but it had slipped my mind.  I immediately went onto Amazon and ordered it.  I got the book Thursday and I'll be done tonight (I have 2 more chapters to go).  I'm not a fast reader.  Rollie can back me up on this one.  I got about 6 books for Christmas and I've only finished one so far, and I'm in the middle of two others.  Rollie would have had all of them finished and probably would have bought a few more by now. But back to the point.  A little background on Natalie...Natalie was married to Josh Taylor, one of my closest friends brother and someone that I grew up with.  Josh passed away instantly from a…

Check in time once again

I can't believe its been over a month since my last post...we have been beyond busy with traveling, visitors, and just plain life...I have many things to post but I though I would start with an update on my '30 before 30' seeing is though the big day is right around the corner!

62. lose 20 lbs (yep just throw the hardest one out there first).  trying really hard on this one since we got back from Chicago but giving it a few more days before stepping on the scale again.
63. Finish our stairway photo gallery this is on hold since we started looking for houses, still on hold since we are looking for houses and decided not to purchase anything new for our exisiting rental.
64a. Make a dentist appointment this month (1/11) still need to do...
64b. Make a doctor appointment (yearly check up) also this month (1/11) Appointment was 1/13
65. Save $500 for our Chicago/Michigan vacation in April
66. Pay off best buy credit card next month (2/11)
67. Go to gym or hike/run outdoors M-F f…