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Finishing up July

After returning from Clovis Piper started preschool with Lily!  It's really  nice having them at the same school, Rollie now drops them both off and I pick them both up.  I get to work a little earlier than I used to and leave a little earlier to make it to the other side of town to preschool.  I think they are getting to know each other better and learning to thankfully get along better too!  Lily started private swim lessons at Micaela's house with Ms. Kelly (same instructor as last summer).  She's still hesitant with her face in the water but her confidence is in a good place. 

We enjoyed lots of outdoor summer dining...breakfast in Guerneville one Sunday with K&K and BK. Dinner that same day at Carmen's with the Patels and Kliegls.

A few Monday morning walks with friends, before they started back up at preschool in August.

Another outdoor meal at Steele and Hops a new pub house by us, followed by coldstone (kitchen reno = very little cooking).

More swimming...a…

The Kitchen Reno

I was going to jump right back into a monthly update from July but looking through my phone I realized that our kitchen needed some loving.  We decided after the first of the year to update our kitchen.  We needed some not so fun updates to the house (furnace, siding/rot issues fixed on the chimney and the guest bathroom) so while we were deciding how to pay for all of that-oh home ownership-Rollie suggested doing the kitchen.  I immediately got anxious and was terrified of making those major decisions not to mention being without a kitchen for 4-8 weeks, give or take.  We now know that we are going to stay in this house for the next 10 years (or so) so why not make it what we want.  We made some minor upgrades to the kitchen 3 years ago but the space and layout still didn't work in our favor...and we both wanted to take a sledgehammer to the cabinets.  I really can't take too much credit for the beginning stages of the plans.  Rollie really took the time and effort into choos…

4th of July in Clovis

We finally got down to Clovis to the Downers house.  They moved back to the States from Germany in the Spring of 2015 and bought a gorgeous house in Clovis about a year ago.  It's a really  neat subdivision where everyone is on at least 2 acres and there is a horse trail behind the houses. I had to work that Saturday (the 2nd) so we drove down after I got off.  Chris was on call that night but Amy's parents were in town so we all drank wine out by the fire and let the kiddos play until past their bedtimes of course.  Sunday morning we all went out to a yummy breakfast and bought some fire works for the 4th.  We spent the rest of the day in the pool...literally 8 hours I think! That evening Amy's parents offered to watch the kids so we could enjoy a dinner out.  We drove around to 4 different restaurants before finding one that was open!  So odd...but I guess alot were closed because of the Holiday.  It was really nice to catch up without running around after the littles.  …