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2.28 Pure White

For today's picture (technically yesterdays) I decided to use our newly painted white cabinets.  I need to do a full before and after on this one but this will do for now :)  They have brightened up our whole kitchen and family room and we just ordered our granite counter tops so kitchen is on its way to be in the 21st century!

2.27 High heels

First pic of the day! These are my favorite heels, I never new how much I would love nude heels...I better get some miles out of these before my feet swell up and I'm forced to only wear flip flops!

Back to Basics

Its been a busy year and I've definitely gotten away from something I really enjoy: photography.  Between house hunting, house renovating, visitors, new pregnancy, travels,etc. I've let it slip away and unfortunately my camera has been collecting dust.  I also have my amazing iPhone 4 to really does take great pictures and now a days with things like photoshop apps, instagram and hipstamatic you can alter photo's in really neat ways.  I came across a blog entry from one of the many many blogs I read and a idea inspired me.  100 day photo challenge...yep 100!  Most I came across where 30 (or a month) but I figure I have the time now and in 174 days (when baby 'dub') arrives I won' I'll begin today.  I plan on taking most of these with my DSLR but I'm sure the occasional few will be from my iPhone.  I also figure this will help me work on some techniques so when baby 'dub' does arrive I can practice my new skills on him/her :)  I …

Books for 2012

I figured before the baby comes I need to read some books!  I'm a very slow reader and easily get distracted or want to move on to another book before I'm finished with the current one.
In January I finished: -The Help, by Kathryn Sockett (and just saw the movie last week too...both great). -Belly Laughs, by Jenny McCarthy (really funny but super short!) -working my way through The Mayo Clicnics Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and What to Expect Before You're Expecting
February: -Today I just finished Unbroken, by Laura Hildenbrand (great great book) -About to start The House of Mondavi (which I actually started already but then realized I needed to finish The Help first) -working my way through The Mayo Clicnics Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, What to Expect Before You're Expecting and Skinny Bitch for the baby bump -Also working my way thru Frommers Hawaii :)

On the list for the next few months: -Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain -Dive deeper into the Wine Bible (its just usuall…

14/15 Weeks

Cooking time: 14 weeks, 5 days today
Weight gain: According to my scale I'm -1 from pre pregnancy weight, but according to the Dr. this morning I'm up 1 lb...but that's fully clothed and after I crammed a bagel with cream cheese & Odwalla OJ minutes before my doctors appointment.  Either way I'm fine with it.  My midwife was in a delivery this morning but we met with another midwife who we liked just as much and she said its perfectly fine if I don't start packing the pounds on until week 20 since I was a bit overweight to begin with.
Maternity clothes: Living in yoga pants, leggings and my bella band (with regular jeans)...the maternity jeans I ordered are great too...I just feel a bit weird wearing them and they don't stay up right now.  Its weird to think that I haven't put on much weight but my belly looks so bloated and bigger.  Looking EVERYWHERE for skinny white maternity jeans for spring time.
Food cravings: red meat, red meat, red meat! I've h…

13 weeks

We've officially announced our little bundle of joy, so I'll be posting the last few posts that I wrote weeks ago but couldn't share.  I'm 13 weeks today and have some fun new symptoms.  My energy and appetite are back but I'm now experiencing headaches, a bit lightheaded and feeling REALLY uncomfortable after eating. Yipee! We had a short visit from Rollie's mom last weekend and then our friends Bri and Brian came into town for 2 nights.  And most recently we just got back from 2 days in Carmel...very nice and relaxing.  Rollie volunteered at the AT&T pro-am gold tournament so we spent Thursday strolling around Spyglass checking out the celebs and golfers, and then had an amazing dinner at the restaurant at the Preserve (Cathy and Sal's property in Carmel).  Friday I hiked with Rufus and relaxed while Rollie was volunteering.  Busy week!  We are both looking forward to a quiet week at home.

Cooking time: 13 weeks
Weight gain: -2...gained 2 pounds in 3 da…

11-12 Weeks

Technically I'm only 11.5 weeks but close enough, right?!  We've had the exciting job of telling more close friends and family about our little bundle of joy this past week.  We are just about ready to make it 'public' or 'Facebook official' if you will. I also sat down with my manager and HR at work to discuss my maternity leave.  My ideal plan is to stay home until the Holidays next year, but time will tell if I'll be able to swing that.

We had our 2nd Doctors appointment last Thursday, and everything looked great.  It was pretty emotional for both of us because he/she was very active and it was the first time we saw the ultrasound together :)

Cooking time: 11 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: -4 from pre-pregnancy appetite is back so its only a matter of time until I start gaining some weight.
Maternity clothes: Not yet. I did order a pair of maternity jeggings from Old Navy and some fold over black maternity leggings from the Gap...hopefully they work …

10 weeks

Well we got the best Christmas present we could have hoped for on 12/18/11. After a long day at work, feeling more exhausted than normal and a bit of nausea I decided to take a pregnancy test and we were very happily surprised to see a positive result. After misscarrying at a very early 8 weeks back in October we didn't expect to get pregnant again so soon...especially since I hadn't even had a period in between the miscarriage and positive test result. Now that I've been reading and researching like crazy, it actually sounds like women can often be the most fertile directly following a miscarriage. I disguised my holiday partying by giving Rollie extra pours of wine from my glass or 'drinking' out of an empty beer can. As I'm writing this only a very few friends and family know that we are pregnant...I'll most likely post this for general public view around valentines day/the beginning of my 2nd trimester.

I had my first doctors appointment and ultrasou…