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30 weeks, 10 to go!

Cooking time: 30 weeks on the 30th!

Weight gain: 20, so it's safe to say ill probably gain more than with Lily.

Food aversions/cravings: nothing new this week.
Sleep: pretty good still.  All last week Lily waswaking up at 5 or 530 which was not ok.  The last two mornings have been much closer to her normal 630 or 7 so I'm very grateful for that.
Movement: Tons and tons!

Overall feelings/symptoms: Exhausted.  The bliss of the 2nd trimester is over.  As I write this (at 6pm) I can barely keep my eyes open and we didn't have an out of the ordinary day.  My hip and back hurt to, possibly thinking about seeing a prenantal chiropractor.
What we've been up to: This weekend was packed with friends and wedding events.  So much fun!
                30 weeks with Lily...
           30 weeks with baby sis...
A few others snaps from this week.

Our good friends Tom & Jean Claire got married this weekend, here are a few pics.  The venue was right around the corner from our house!  It was a…

29 weeks

Cooking time: 29 weeks, 3 days 

Weight gain: not sure, I'm only weighing in at the doctor these days.
Food aversions/cravings: just my usual sweet tooth.  I found out last week at the doctor that I am very anemic again so instead of suffering through iron pills and their side affects I'm trying to eat more iron rich foods...leafy greens, beans, dried fruit, beets, and meat.  Rollie made the most amazing dinner last night.  We wanted to recreate our steak au poivre from Paris and it was killer!  I could eat filet mignon every night until my due date...its good iron, right?! 
Sleep: back to pretty good, with the exception of Lily's new 5:30am wake up time! Ugh.
Movement: Tons and tons!
Overall feelings/symptoms: starting to slow down...alot.  My hips, back and pelvis are just achy.  Work has been crazy so that doesn't help and I've really been trying to walk alot.  I did my 3.5 mile loop 3 days in a row this week which felt great but definitely not as easy as it normally …

27/28 weeks

Cooking time: 28 weeks, 1 day. Hello 3rd trimester!

Weight gain: 18 lbs at dr yesterday, 8 lbs more this time around than where I was with Lily...let's hope it comes off as easy...last pregnancy so after this it's in shape time!

Food aversions/cravings: s'mores! Rollie made a craving run late last week for me, he's the best.
Sleep: was going well until now as I write this wide awake at 2am :/
Movement: so much! Way more than I ever remember with Lily

Overall feelings/symptoms: heartburn started up this week but besides that I feel really good. I'm negative for gestational diabaties but found out I'm anemic just like I was with Lily.  I refuse to take iron supplements (constipation) I need to add some iron rich foods to my diet.
What we've been up to:  Two weekends ago Grandma Janet was here.  We enjoyed lots of deck/backyard time and Rollie and I even got 2 dates in! Saturday night we saw the new xmen movie and Sunday we headed up to Anderson a Valley with K…

Lily 21...almost 22 months

Its been way too long since I did an update on Miss weekly pregnancy updates are about all I can manage to come up with these days.  Lily will be 22 months on the 21st of June...I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old!  Her personality has definitely shined through in the last few months.  Tantrums, meltdowns, picky eating, and strong opinions are definitely relevant these days.  One thing that remains the same as the last 21 months is that she is still a fantastic sleeper (PLEASE let this happen with #2).  Now that summer is here and it is darker later we try to push bedtime to 7:30 even 8:00 but she is the first to tell you when she is ready for bed.  "I"m tired, or nigh night" and if those words are uttered she means it.  She wakes anywhere between 6am and 7:00am (we prefer the later of course) and naps are consistent at 2.5-3 hours from noonish on.

Right now she loves, trucks, cars, balls, bubbles, animals, reading books/being read to, chasing Rufu…

26 Weeks

Cooking time: 26 weeks, 3 days

Weight gain: no clue! This is the first week at work that guests have actually congratulated me or asked me how far along I am so I think the babe had another growth spurt, because there is no denying I'm pregnant now.

Food aversions/cravings: Oatmeal raisin cookies, thanks Sara! 
Sleep: Pretty great, no complaints. 
Movement: again lots, and lots of hiccups (I think)

Overall feelings/symptoms: Feeling pretty good.  Yesterday was one of those days she felt really high up and a tad uncomfortable but for the most part feeling good.  Tuesday it was in the mid 70s and it just felt great to have all the windows open and not be too hot! 
What we've been up to:  Last weekend Lily and I headed down south while Rollie went camping out at the coast with some guys for a bachelor party. We flew out of Santa Rosa (sooooo nice) Saturday night into San Diego where my Aunt picked us up.  It was a rough flight.  Our 11 hour flight across the world was easier than the …