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Piper 3 months

Size: not sure we don't have a check up for another month but she's fastly growing out of 3 month clothes.  She's already wearing some 6 month outfits.
Sleep: great. I can't believe we've been blessed with another great sleeper, atleast so far!  She's down for the night at 630 and either up twice to nurse (12ish and 3ish) or once around 130/2.  Usually she is good until 6/630 but sometimes fusses around 5 so I'll bring her in with us so she doesn't wake Lily.  Naps are usually in 1-2 hour stretches around 830am and 130pm, but she still cat naps here and there.
Food: breastmilk 100%.  Nursing has been so much easier this time around.  I'm nervous to go back to work and start pumping but hoping for the best.  We're working on giving her a bottle more this week so she gets used to it.  She spits up a lot but now we're getting use out of all those bibs and burp cloths we rarely used for Lily!
New milestones: rolling over & giggling!  Both happe…

Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Well I'm super behind in blogging and rather than recap the last 3 weeks I'm just going to randomly share a few thoughts.  Before Thanksgiving and heading down to Orange County for 9 days we took our annual family pictures with our good friend Jean Claire.  Its a side business for her and she is beyond sweet to set aside a couple hours to capture our family memories.  Here are a few of my favorites this year.

The girls and I headed to Orange County on the 23rd and surprisingly the flight was pretty painless aside from Lily not wanting to keep her seatbelt on during take off.  The first night there we headed down to the Ritz for their tree lighting and Santa arrived in a woodie with a surfboard on top (only in Southern California).  That week we had lots of park time, walks to the beach, good long naps from the fresh air, happy hour (me not the girls) and just relaxing.

Dina came down to visit with me and the girls and then we had lunch in Costa Mesa with Jodi before I headed …