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16 weeks with #2

Cooking time: 16 weeks
Weight gain: +7, I keep telling myself it's the baby growing but at this rate I'm a little nervous.  Was pretty bad about the gym last week after working a 5 day work week for the first time in almost 2 years!  But managed to go Sunday before work and this morning.
Food aversions/cravings: nothing new.  Excited for lots of delicious food in Eurpe though.
Sleep: good, slept great last night.
Movement: I've definitely felt little flutters.
Overall feeling/other symptoms: for the most part great.  The 2nd trimester is a breeze, so thankful we are traveling now.
What we've been up to:  Rollie's mom was here this past weekend for a quick visit.  Mostly just getting ready for trip!  Everyone is packed and the house is clean!  I surprisingly packed pretty lightly (for me) my suitcase is mostly black & grey...with some fun jewlery and scarves...more of which I'm sure I'll buy of. Now just one more day of work.
Here's my 16 week pic from Lily…

SF Zoo

Last Sunday we took Lily to the Zoo for the first time.  It was a beautiful day, even though the temperature dropped 10 degrees once we got near the Zoo since its very close to the Ocean.  Lily loved the monkeys.  It was so fun to be a kid again!  My favorite part were the Giraffes and the baby Gorilla :)

15 weeks with #2

Cooking time: 15 weeks, 1 day
Weight gain: +6, hoping this one pound a week isn't consistent. I think half of that had gone to my boobs, my bras barely fit!  Really trying to workout more though, did great Sunday thru Tuesday even swam laps for the first time since being pregnant with Lily.  
Food aversions/cravings: Everything sounds good.  I just always seem hungry. If I don't eat for 3-4 hours I've actually gotten pretty crazy hungry pains.
Sleep: Getting better, although the last 2 nights I've fallen asleep early on the couch again.

Movement: I've definitely felt little flutters even though you supposedly can't feel it until 16 weeks.
Overall feeling/other symptoms: for the most part great.  The 2nd trimester is a breeze. My hip hurts but it's partially my own fault for not doing stretches.
What we've been up to:  We leave a week from today!  We have a big to do list over the weekend.  I have a company spring party tonight, a sunset cruise on the bay.  Sho…

14 Weeks

Cooking time: 14 weeks, 4 days
Weight gain: +5 yikes!  At this point with Lily I was still gaining back the weight I had lost in the first trimester...maybe its a boy?! 
Food aversions/cravings: No aversions, but not super into veggies either.  Loving bagels maybe because its something I don't normally let myself have on a regular basis.  Peanut butter is also super good right now, I bought the crunch JIF snack packs and they are a perfect snack with some pretzel thins.  I'm not as ravenous as I was in the first tri but I really need to workout more, I've just been lazy.
Sleep: Still not great, the other night I was up from 3-5am for no reason, which really makes trying to go to the gym at 5:30 nearly impossible.

Movement: I've definitely felt little flutters even though you supposedly can't feel it until 16 weeks.
Overall feeling/other symptoms:  So much better now.  The exhaustion is gone for the most part and haven't been nauseous in a week or two.  We got …

Eviction Notice

Since we got so many compliments on our little announcement for baby #2,  I thought I would share a few more pictures that we snapped in the process.  Lily has no clue whats coming and you can tell by her sweet little face!

13 Weeks

Nothing much has changed since my announcement post 2 days ago but I do want to compare photos from this pregnancy & last.  I'm closer to 14 weeks than 13 but we will just call this picture my 13 weeks.  It's definitely true what they say about showing sooner with #2!
Top picture is me with #2 and bottom was with Lily.

Big news in the Wright household

We are excited to finally share that Lily is going to be a big sister!  After our New Year's Eve trip down south I came home and was already a few days late so I took a test while Rollie was at work and much to my surprise it was positive!  Rollie came home for lunch and I told him right away and took the 2nd test, negative...hmmm.  That evening and the following morning I took two more positive tests so I made a call to the dr. to set up an appointment.  My first appointment was on 1/13 but they didn't see anything on the ultrasound, most likely because I was only 5 weeks along.  However to rule out misscarriage and an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy I had bloodwork done over a 48 hour period, later that week my dr. said my hcg levels had doubled so I was indeed pregnant but still very early. The following week I had another ultrasound and they finally saw the sac and estimated me at 4 weeks but according to my calculations I was 6.  Two weeks later at yet another appointment we fi…

Birthday Party for My Momma

Friday night I had a birthday party for my mom.  Her actual birthday is Monday but she's headed down to Laguna with my Grandma and Aunt so we had to celebrate early.  Rollie and I ordered carnitas, chicken, and beans from the Mexican market down the street and then bought all the fixings for a nacho/taco bar.  It turned out great.  I also made chocolate/chocolate and chocolate/vanilla/coconut cupcakes.  We had about 16 people and 5 kids over...full house, my Aunt Heidi, Uncle Perry, cousin Stefani, Aunt Sara, Grandma, cousin Kimberlyn, my mom, cousin Connor and his girlfriend Haley, my friends Dawn, Amar, Cameron, Micaela and Kai.

I love a good party.

Family Visit

Monday it was another nice day so we pretty much just played outside, showed my Grandma around town, and had lunch out.  Tuesday we met up with my Aunt and Uncle in Petaluma to 'exchange' my Grandma.  That afternoon my mom, Lily and I hung out, took a walk and played.  Wednesday I was supposed to go to work but Lily had been fighting a cold which got worse and turned into a double ear infection so we took her to the doctor, they said we caught it super early and she's now on amoxicillin and tons better.  Thursday I worked while my Mom and Aunt Sara watched Lily.  That night my mom and I got massages and had Thai food out while Rollie watched Lily.

Discovery Museum

My mom, Grandma, Aunts, Uncle, and cousins have been in town all week.  Its so fun to have all my family here.  Last Sunday we went to the Discovery Museum, last time Lily was there she couldn't even walk yet so she definitely got a lot more out of it this time.  It was also a beautiful day by the bay so that was a bonus.  After the museum we went to my Aunt and Uncle's rental house in Sausolito to relax and play.  Lily was so good at entertaining herself without any toys or help.  We had planned to go to dinner in Larkspur but Lily only had a short nap in the morning and going out to eat these days is near impossible so my mom, Rollie, Grandma, Lily and I headed back to Santa Rosa so Lily could nap again in the car and then we grabbed burgers and milkshakes at Flipside near home.