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Playing catch up

Well believe it or not everyone (except me) got sick AGAIN! This time it was the stomach flu...ugh! Lily got it first last Saturday after waking up from her nap. She had thrown up all over her bed :/ That night we were supposed to go out to a huge 30th birthday party for our friend Kristina, not to mention it was our 6 year wedding anniversary.  When I got home from work around 5:30 we decided we had to cancel our sitter. Rollie being the great amazing fantastic husband & father that he is agreed to stay home and let me go out with our friends.  It was an amazing Great Gatsby themed party. I might have had a little too much fun!
So back to the sick thing. Poor Piper got it by Thursday afternoon and had it pretty bad until Saturday.  I stayed home from work Friday with her and she literally slept all day on me with the exception of a walk in the afternoon. Then it struck Rollie on Friday night/Saturday :/
A sick baby is quite possibly the saddest thing ever.
Two weekends ago our frien…

Happy half birthday Piper

I know everyone says it but I can't believe my baby girl is 6 months old!  She is the sweetest happiest baby around.  She is the light of our lives (next to her sister of course).  Her smile and laugh can make all the stress, tiredness and worries go away.  Her beautiful big grey eyes light up a room.

Size: No idea.  We don't have another check up for two more weeks.  She is in mostly 6-9 month clothing.  I just bought size 3 diapers since size 2's are getting too small.

Sleep: Better but not great.  Since day lights savings we have pushed bedtime from 6:30-7:00 which allows for more time for us to spend with her after work and closer to Lilys bedtime which makes dinner/bathtime more manageable.  Typically she sleeps from 7-12/1 and then from then until 4:30/5. Lately she has been waking up soaking wet not necessarily hungry but I nurse her back to sleep anyways generally in our bed where she then sleeps again until 7.  I bought overnight diapers today for the first time so …

On the mend

Well we're all on the mend. Finally. This week started off with stroller strides of course and then I walked spring lake with my friend Melissa and her 10 week old Ensley. Both the girls fell asleep...crazy town!  Then we had lunch at Chloe's...mmmm  Lily still took a good nap regardless of falling asleep in the morning, so Piper and I had some quality time. Tuesday we went to barre stroller strides and then had playgroup at Micaelas. It was beautiful out and Lily was loving the lemons the wheelbarrow. And then Piper continued to NOT sleep ALL day.
Wednesday after work we resumed our dinner club with Meghan, the chamians and the weeds. They got a new puppy, paisley and both of the girls were in love.

Thursday & Friday were the usual work/daycare/preschool with the exception of a call from Lilys school Friday afternoon saying she had a 101.5temp. Rollie picked her up and got a late dr appointment to find out it was a double ear infection :(. Poor thing.
We also rearranged a few t…

Sick of being sick

Last week was one for the books.  Monday we did our usual stroller strides and errands. I picked up the coolest marquee light sign at home goods to go above our new buffet table. Our dining room is now somewhere I enjoy sitting. Before it was just blah. Lily helping me shop of course. And Piper being happy as usual.
Tuesday we went to stroller strides but playgroup was cancelled because 1/2 our group was sick...and then that afternoon it hit us. Again. For the third round. This winter has been ridiculous. Since New Years one of the four of us has been down for the count.  I'm beyond over it and have lost all patients.
On a happy side note, Piper us working really hard on sitting up on her own.
Wednesday & Thursday lily was too sick to go to school so Rollie and I took turns staying home. Piper went to daycare.

Over the weekend we celebrated a friends birthday with a date night out Saturday (thank you Connor & Haley for babysitting) and then relaxed pretty much all day Sunday try…