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Laguna continued...

Tuesday morning we woke up around 6:39 after a good nights sleep (thank you lily!) I went for a great jog all by myself, this is rare, while my aunt & grandma watched lily. Lily took a 2 hour nap! Why don't these happen at home?!

While she was still napping I showered and headed up the street to my aunts salon for my first haircut in over 6 months! My aunts friend/stylist Virginia was sweet enough to give me a whole bag of girls clothing, handed down from her 2 year old, paisley.

We all met at Dana Kai for a yummy sushi lunch before packing up and heading up to balboa island/Newport to stroll, shop and have an early dinner.

It's our families tradition to eat at the old spaghetti factory and never can't beat that mizithra
Pasta, yum!!!

Lily and I flew home Wednesday morning straight into Santa nice!! It was such a great 3 days with my wonderful extended family, but of course always good to be home with my little family of 4.

Mini vacation

Lily and I are down in Orange County for a quick mini vacation. It's hard traveling down to souther California because there are always lots of friends and family we want to see, but this trip was reserved for the fam. We will be back in April for friends :) We're at my aunt Sara & uncle mikes in Laguna niquel and my grandma is here from Michigan. My uncle perry & aunt Heidi rented a condo all month right on the ocean bluff and my brother surprised me too! There are if course some cousins missing from the picture, my momma, and Rollie but its a nice relaxing 3 days.

I flew down Sunday morning and lily was yet again a traveling trooper. We grabbed some fish tacos on the way home and enjoyed catching up in my aunts backyard. Lily got a couple 6 month birthday gifts (spoiled much?!) A cute new outfit, cozy socks, and a couple books.

After lunch we headed over to the stables in San Juan to watch a family friend, Melissa's daughter, Keaton ride. That evening Meli…

6 Months!

Happy half birthday baby girl!  I cannot believe you've been in our lives for 6 months now.  Everyday gets better and better.  Lily is so full of life and smiles, I swear I've never seen a baby smile so much in my life!  

Weight: We're thinking 15 pounds, Rollie got on the scale with her and that's what we gathered.  Our 6 month check up isn't until the first week in March so we will find out for sure then.  She has really (ahem...) filled out, she has major baby rolls!

Diet:  Same, mostly breast-milk but we are supplementing formula once a day while at daycare.  After having a week off at the end of January with Lily definitely helped boost my production.  I love nursing.  It's easy, free, convenient, and efficient.  On the other hand I hate pumping, washing pump parts, and washing bottles.  I'd love to breastfeed for a year, but realistically I think I'll make it to the 10-11 month mark.
Lily loves oat cereal, num num crackers, peas, pears, and squash.  …

Freezing time

Well I'm getting what I wished for from my last post...a lazy loungy day. I wish I could freeze time right now. Lily is at such a fun, amazing age right now. She smiles at everything, laughs when tickled, and rolls all over the place!

We're both still in our Jammies and she's on her 2nd nap snuggled right on top if me and I can't imagine anything else is rather be doing!

Week in review

Life's been busy busy busy. I love being busy and having things planned but I'm dreaming of a lazy, loungy day right about now.

For the last two weeks my work schedule has been different, as I attended a concierge certification was great but I love schedules and I feel like I've been off one for a while.

Last weekend one of Rollie's best friends, Tom was in town. They enjoyed some beer tasting on Saturday while I was at work and then the 3 of us went wine tasting on Sunday. Rollie's been amazing with his diet and I've been ok...not nearly as strict as him, but last weekend put us both back a bit but we know weekends like that will happen and you have to live life and indulge at times.

Lily and I hosted our first playgroup this past week and it had a fun valentines day theme...not to mention she had a weeks worth of valentines-ish outfits too.

I had my first book club happy hour meet up-nice mommy group adult time with out the babies.

It's P…