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Week in Review...a few days late

I'm a bit behind!  That's what happens when I work a 5 day week vs. a 4 day week.  I worked Saturday and Sunday this weekend because of Memorial Day weekend.

Anyways, lets see if I can recall this past week.

Monday Lily and I walked/hiked (I say hike because the hills are insane) with Melissa and Jack Monday morning.  Afterwards we stopped by my friend Lyndsay's house for lunch and a little baby pool date.

Tuesday Lily and I attended our first '1st' birthday party.  It was Hudson's birthday and his mom, Sarah did an AMAZING job with his party decor.  She had a family party over the weekend and then had playgroup friends over on Tuesday during our normal playgroup hours.  It was a vintage rocket man cute!  She's a baker too...Hudson's cake and cupcakes were not only adorable but super yummy too.  The favors were rocket cookies and rocket man onesie's for all the babies.  Birthday season is in full swing!

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur…

Lily 9 Months!

I know I'm a tad late to the 9 month post...she's officially been out for longer than she was in...that's what they say, right?!  These last few months have flown by.  Everyday it seems like Lily's learning something new.  By far one of the best things she does is mimic everything you do...I could sit with her on my lap for hours and blow bubbles, yell, laugh, tickle, and say gooo gooo gaaa gaaa.  It's amazing.

Weight: Probably approaching 17 lbs.  When we were at the Doctor a couple weeks ago she was 16.4

Diet:  Formula and pretty much everything we eat!  She takes a 6 oz bottle 4 times a day, typically at 7, 11, 3, and 7.  Along with 3 solid meals a day which consist of rice cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, strawberries, melon, cheese (feta & string), puffs, chicken, meatballs (yes meatballs...cut up of course), peas, squash, puffs, num nums, teething biscuits and much much more.  So far we've only really found her to dislike banana's.

Sleep: I'm pretty scar…

Week in Review

Wow what a week! Thank you to all my friends & family who helped me celebrate one of the best birthday weeks ever!

Monday I went for my usual walk/jog with jack & melissa. They have sheep and goats along the road we jog on to naturally cut down the grass, how cool!? Then I was off to the spa at Hotel Healdsburg while our friends Kerry & Kristen watched Lily. I had a massage and a facial...ahhhhh. Afterwards I sat by the pool and then treated myself to a glass of wine and lunch at pizzando in Healdsburg. That night we sat out in the deck and just relaxed.

Tuesday, my birthday. Lily and I ran some errands and took some really cute pictures before playgroup. Playgroup was at Stephanie and Jude's, and Stephanie got the most beautiful chocolate cake to sweet. That afternoon Lily and I headed to the mall, shopped a bit and I got a pedicure. All the ladies loved Lily and luckily she was super good while I got my ties done. That night we headed to our …

Carmel Weekend Day 2

Yesterday we all slept in until 7:30 I!  Ha!  Then we laid in bed snuggling and reading.  After cleaning up the house and packing up our stuff we headed into the town of Carmel to walk around and grab and early lunch.  We first walked down the ocean where it was absolutely beautiful...a tad windy but the water was crystal blue.  Then we grabbed lunch at a little outdoor cafe (not very good) but nice ambiance and then shopped around a bit.  Rufus got a new collar, Carmel is such a dog friendly town so lots of cute little dog shops and Lily got a new wooden butterfly toy and a teething toy.

We all got back in the car and headed up the coast to Santa Cruz.  I had actually never been there before. It was 85 and sunny so naturally it was PACKED!  I can see where it would have been really fun if we didn't have a 9 month old and a dog with us...totally reminded me of a Northern California Hermosa Beach with lots of outdoor beach bars.  We walked around for about an hour bef…