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Catch Up

Brief catch up...
Back to reality after Cabo.

Happy hour at Cooperage. 


Sunday "Family" Dinner. 

More dance classes.

Fun with Sierra while she babysat one night.

Spring Lake walk.


Dance Recital.

Sick baby...again :(

Valentine's Day.

Trip to Laguna (separate post)

More Sunday "Family Dinners.


Almost 2 months ago....whaaaattt?! I'm so behind.  Anyways, on Jan. 19th we went to Cabo with The Patel's and The Kliegl's. The 6 of us had been planning this trip since August...and then it almost didn't happen, for us at least.  My mom was supposed to come out but unfortunately got really sick and couldn't make the trip.  My main concern was her health, and of course at one point wondered if I should head to Michigan.  Everything ended up being ok with her, just a long recovery.  Aunties Kristen and Kerry (literally like family) stepped in and watched the girls for 4 whole nights while we escaped to a much much needed (kid free) vacation.

We flew out of Santa Rosa which is always super convenient.  We left at 6:00am and were quiet possibly the most annoying people at the airport.  Three couples traveling without their combined 6 kids all under the age of 4...yep we were a tad excited. And Charlie Sheen was on our flight from LAX! The quick flight got us into Cabo…