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Ready for the snow!

We are heading up to Tahoe on Thursday (its my first time!)...I'm so excited to see the snow! This pic was from last winter up at Butte Meadows.

Its the little things...

Feeling a bit sentimental sitting here on Christmas day looking at our beautiful tree snuggled up with the worlds cutest (loudest snoring) dog and my amazing hubby I suddenly felt the need to document times like this.  But I realized that I failed with my last promise to post a picture a day :( 

I (we've) been busy...which is a good thing but I need to get back to my passion, although I normally don't have resolutions...that will be it for 2011.  We've been in Santa Rosa now for just over 5 months and I've never lived anywhere that feels more like 'home' (except of course Birmingham, hometown).  The amazing friends that we've met in such a short period of time, two great jobs, and our cozy home (even if its just a rental) all factor into this but I think I'm finally learning how to just live life and not worry about the future too much, something I normally have a really hard time doing.  And sometimes its the little, simpl…