Happy Valentines Day! I spent the day with my hubby at a nice brunch, a walk around town, and the movies, Valentine's Day of course! He is now off to the Bay Area for training all week :( It's been a crazy week or so since my last post...I have a new job! I'm starting at Improvement Direct on Tuesday in sales/customer service and I can't wait. I had to drop my film class which was sad, but I am able to keep my digital class since its at night. I think its going to be a tough long week; actually waking up to an alarm clock, packing a lunch and a gym bag...but 100% worth it. I need a schedule, I'm a planner and its been driving me nuts over the last 6 months not knowing my schedule weeks in advance, and I've just been watching too much TV, ha! With that said I needed to post because it might be a crazy week. Rollie and I were fortunate enough to have a few days off together this past week and I was able to take some great pictures, especially up in the snow at Butte Meadows.

Oh...and tomorrow = serious diet time...I've splurged this past month eating out and slacking on the gym...no more, I have dresses to fit into next month for our friends wedding in LA!


  1. Congrats on the new job!! That's awesome news. Yay!!!

  2. Did u really have to post that pic of me?

  3. Of course she did. Rollie in leather=win!!


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