Its the little things...

Feeling a bit sentimental sitting here on Christmas day looking at our beautiful tree snuggled up with the worlds cutest (loudest snoring) dog and my amazing hubby I suddenly felt the need to document times like this.  But I realized that I failed with my last promise to post a picture a day :( 

I (we've) been busy...which is a good thing but I need to get back to my passion, although I normally don't have resolutions...that will be it for 2011.  We've been in Santa Rosa now for just over 5 months and I've never lived anywhere that feels more like 'home' (except of course Birmingham, hometown).  The amazing friends that we've met in such a short period of time, two great jobs, and our cozy home (even if its just a rental) all factor into this but I think I'm finally learning how to just live life and not worry about the future too much, something I normally have a really hard time doing.  And sometimes its the little, simple times like this that make life so great!  Merry Christmas!


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