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I have lots to blog about, Chicago, Michigan, our recent weekend in San Fran...but this comes first.  Last week I was doing my usual 'before bedtime Facebook scan', and I came across a post from a High School friend.  Maggie had posted an article about Natalie Taylors new memoir, 'Signs of Life'.  I knew it was going to be released  this Winter/Spring but it had slipped my mind.  I immediately went onto Amazon and ordered it.  I got the book Thursday and I'll be done tonight (I have 2 more chapters to go).  I'm not a fast reader.  Rollie can back me up on this one.  I got about 6 books for Christmas and I've only finished one so far, and I'm in the middle of two others.  Rollie would have had all of them finished and probably would have bought a few more by now. But back to the point.  A little background on Natalie...Natalie was married to Josh Taylor, one of my closest friends brother and someone that I grew up with.  Josh passed away instantly from a head injury while carve boarding on June 17th 2007.  I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was Fathers Day.  I was living El Segundo and a few of us had gone to brunch.  While in the backseat of Brian Thompson's car, Rollie's roommate at the time, I received a call from Chris Menig (Josh's brother).  I could barley understand him, all I heard was Josh is dead, he had a bad accident.  I told Chris I would be home no matter what and I would talk to him soon.  I started hyperventilating and immediately called my mom.  I grew up with Josh, Chris and Ashley...all of whom were a year apart from each other.  Their mom, Deedee, and my mom went on almost every field trip that Chris and I had in elementary school.  I've known Chris longer then anyone I can think of.  We met in preschool and went to elementary, middle, high school and college together.

We got back to Rollie's apartment and I fell asleep crying.  When I woke up I thought it was all a dream, but shortly remembered this had really happened.  I called all 'the girls' as Chris would say.  Meaning our friends from High School, Stephanie, Shannon and Laura.  We have a crazy, amazing, unusual and wonderfully close relationship with our High School friends.  Most people I met are close with friends from college, I'm much closer with my friends from High School.  I told the girls the news and let them know I would be home later that week for the funeral and I'd see them soon.  Later that week we all attended the viewing/open house followed by the funeral.  I've never see so many people in one was busting at the seems...I even saw several teachers from middle school.  This was the type of person Josh was, everyone loved him, and he loved everyone else.

Back to the memoir.  I've only met Natalie a couple of times.  She actually lives around the corner from my Dad, and every time I'm home I want to stop in and say hi but I'm always nervous that she won't remember who I am or think I'm crazy for doing so.  Now while reading her book I really wish I would have stopped in a few weeks ago while I was home.  Its so surreal reading a book where I know the exact streets she references and most of the characters in the story.  My heart aches for Natalie while reading this book and I just can't imagine going through what she did.  Natalie was 5 months pregnant with their first child when Josh died.  They had only been married for a year and a half, but deeply in love and meant for each other.  I feel like Rollie and I have just started our lives together after 2 short years of marriage, and I just can't imagine life without him.  So, I guess the point of this entry is that life is way way to short and shitty things happen to amazing people.  I thank Natalie for reminding me of this because I often fret over the stupid things in life when really I should just be enjoying every second that I have with my amazing friends and family.  So thank you Natalie (even though you probably won't ever read this) I can't wait to finish the book tonight and I wish the best for you and Kai!

Since 99% of my posts include photos, here are a few of my favorites of me and Rollie over the past few years :)

2006-Chris and Amy Downer's Wedding (Rollie's best friend)

2006- Cozumel, MX our first 'real' vacation together

2007-Arizona @ Todd and Kerry Elmore's Wedding

2008-Carmel Valley, CA with Mike and Stephanie Yost

2009-ok so not a pic of me and Rollie...but Chris and I at our Wedding

2009-Rollie and I at our Wedding

2009- Last night of our honeymoon in Antigua

2010- Rome, Italy

2011- Sears/Willits Tower, Chicago, IL a few weeks ago


  1. I just read your blog, came across it as I was searching articles about Natalie's book which I too read in just a couple days. I am sorry for your loss. This book has helped me tremendously as I lost both my parents too young and found such comfort in reading Natalie's book. It sounds like Josh was a great guy and if you ever do stop by and see Natalie please let her know that her book helped someone else. Nicole Piette, VA Beach, VA

  2. That's so sweet of you, I hope you enjoy the book.


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