Weekly Roundup

Last Sunday afternoon we had a few friends over for a casual bbq for Rollies birthday.
Monday I left work early and ran a ton of errands. Solo. It was very productive and nice.

Tuesday morning Lily and I snuggled in bed before heading to playgroup.  I also tried to let Lily feed herself with a spoon.
Playgroup was at Lyndsay & Alden's where Lily rode the backyard rollercoaster.

Wednesday Lily and I heard down to the city to meet 2 of my sorority sisters and their husbands for lunch and a little shopping.  Lily also got a really cute hat from the Downers trip to Ireland.

Thursday we tested out Lilys new Carseat on the way to daycare.

Friday & Saturday were absolute insane for me at work but Saturday we met up with my friends who were in town for a great dinner at Lucy in Yountville.  Melissa babysat for us, Lily & Jack had a goodnight together.
Yesterday we did some stiff around the house and then took a little drive to Lake Sonoma.  Then walked around Healdsburg.  Perfect way to end the weekend.


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