31 Weeks

Single digits baby!!!!  I'm so excited to say I only have 9 weeks (8.5 as I write this) to go.

Cooking time: 31 weeks, 4 days

Weight gain: 20+ range

Food aversions/cravings: chips...the salty cravings are killing me.  I also had a hankering for spaghetti and garlic bread so we made that last night...yum! 

Sleep: Surprisingly good, two nights ago I didn't even get up until 4ish to use the bathroom which is crazy!

Movement: Tons and tons, again so much more active than Lily but it could also be that the 2nd time around I'm just alot more aware of things.

Overall feelings/symptoms: My back is really bad.  I finally saw a chiropractor on Monday for the first time in my life...no relief yet.  I've been twice and have some temporary relief but then it goes right back to hurting.  I'm going to give it a few weeks and hope that it helps.  I'm stretching and icing too but other than that I haven't walked/exercised in almost 2 weeks now and its beyond frustrating.  I of course walk all day at work but its not the same as getting an actual nice walk in.  I know I only have about 10 readers, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know.  I think I've had some braxton hicks contracts...I never had them with Lily so I'm not really??

What we've been up to: Last week was the 4th of July.  Wednesday I headed to Paradise Ridge Winery with the girls for sunsets and wine (an outdoor concert at the winery with food trucks).  A much needed girls night out.  Thursday night we headed to Guernville to bbq with Kerry and Kristen and watch the fireworks, which were REALLY good for a little town.  The only bummer is they didn't start until about 10:15 and Lily was asleep in her stroller by 9:50ish which was already late for her but she was such a trooper.  Friday we headed over to the Patels for more bbq and more fireworks with them and the Otto's.  The kids had a blast playing outside, eating, more eating, and watching the fireworks.  Lily loved them!  One of the most precious moments I've witnessed in parenthood so far was her and Rollie cuddled up on a lounge chair holding hands watching the fireworks!  Saturday I worked and then recovered Saturday night and most of Sunday after going out 3 nights in a row...too much for me, but of course worth it.  The rest of my weekend was pretty low key running errands, cleaning house, and playgroup.  My very good friend Jamie was up last night for work in the area so we relaxed on the deck and had dinner at our house...so good to catch up!  She gave Lily and the new baby matching stuffed bunnies as a little gift...too cute.  I'm already loving the matching stuff!

                    31 weeks with lily

              31 weeks with baby sis


  1. My memory's rusty, but I remember having much more back pain with pregnancy #2. What was different from the first pregnancy was that there was a toddler at home. I think all that bending, stooping, and "hip carrying" took its toll. The best relief was from lying on my back on the floor with my legs elevated. However, it did also lead to the comedy routine of Mommy getting up off the floor. Thankfully, this was long before Facebook, YouTube, and internet memes!

  2. Oh yeah, i also had to get FIRM with #1 son about him riding in the stroller or walking unless Dad was around. That hip carry REALLY throws your center of gravity off!!


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