Thanksgiving week

We've had a nice combo of being busy and trying to relax and enjoy life at home during the rainy cozy days/nights.  

We had some park fun before the rain.

Lily has been going through a bit of a hard bed time phase.  Now that she can get out of bed and her room she creeps out to the family room (where we are usually unwinding and watching tv) and make a million excuses for why she can't fall asleep.  There were 4 or 5 nights in a row that was just exhausting between 7-9pm and then by the time she actually fell asleep I was ready for bed!  We've tried bribing her with new little toys (even though Christmas is right around the corner) as well as taking away ipad privileges, and that one actually seemed to work.  She's also not wearing a pull up anymore at night time so there is the occasional mid night or early early morning wake up to go potty, but we are very proud of her for getting up vs. having an accident. 

The week of Thanksgiving we headed over to the Patels for a fun family dinner and to catch up since we've all been busy/traveling. 

I got to take Lily to school, which rarely happens.  They had a Thanksgiving at preschool on that Wednesday.  I also got off early that day so I picked the girls up and ran some errands together, including a stop at Village Bakery for a giant Turkey cookie :)

Thanksgiving morning we did some stuff around the house, went for a run (to balance out the afternoon calories), and baked up some goodies and then headed out to Guerneville to K&K's house for the afternnon.  They recently re did their downstairs and turned one of the rooms into Kerry's music cave.  Lily had a blast playing the keyboard and guitars.  Kristen also built (yes built) a chicken that was super fun for Lily too.  Piper enjoyed her first Thanksgiving meal as well.

We both worked that Friday and! But we managed to put up Christmas decorations and outdoor lights.

Sunday we had a first annual friendsgiving at Kristina's house.  Kasey and I went over to Kristina's on Saturday night and 'set the table' and crafted up some surprises for the group.  It was a super fun night and hope to continue this new tradition. 

That Monday we brought dinner to the Chamians and met baby Oscar.  He's just perfect and Tom and Jean Claire are just the most natural calm parents.  Can't wait to watch him grow.  That afternoon I met up with some Duckhorn friends and went to Kosta Browne winery for a private tour and tasting followed by a yummy dinner at Willies Wine Bar. 


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