Piper 4 Months

Look at me...updated on her actual 4 month birthday! 

Size: Appointment is on the 2oth.  Pretty much wearing all 6 month clothing and eating like crazy so my guess is between 14-15 pounds.

Sleep: Ehh...4 month sleep regression is the real deal.  For the last few weeks she has been up on average 3x a night and has a really hard time going back down between 4am and 7am...this is usually when she comes into bed with us mostly because I don't want her crying to wake up Lily.  Napping is getting better and on a pretty decent schedule.  8:30am-long morning nap, 11:30/12-sometimes a small cat nap, and 1:30-long afternoon nap.  She is down for the night at 6:30.

Food: Although nursing has been so easy this time around we did introduce a little formula last week.  I only have a chance to pump twice at work and usually come home with between 10-12 oz but she's drinking around 12-15 oz while I'm away from her and my freezer supply was depleted.  I really can't wait to add solids because I have a feeling this girl will be an eater! 

New milestones: Grabbing on to toys

We recently spent 2 weeks with my mom and stepdad.  We were busy bees seeing all of the sights for Tom and enjoying my time off since Duckhorn is closed for renovations.  Things are slowing down and we are all back to routine which is always nice.  We have nothing planned the next 3 weekends which is pretty crazy for us!  

Here are a few pictures from a little photo shoot today.


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