Almost 2 months ago....whaaaattt?! I'm so behind.  Anyways, on Jan. 19th we went to Cabo with The Patel's and The Kliegl's. The 6 of us had been planning this trip since August...and then it almost didn't happen, for us at least.  My mom was supposed to come out but unfortunately got really sick and couldn't make the trip.  My main concern was her health, and of course at one point wondered if I should head to Michigan.  Everything ended up being ok with her, just a long recovery.  Aunties Kristen and Kerry (literally like family) stepped in and watched the girls for 4 whole nights while we escaped to a much much needed (kid free) vacation.

We flew out of Santa Rosa which is always super convenient.  We left at 6:00am and were quiet possibly the most annoying people at the airport.  Three couples traveling without their combined 6 kids all under the age of 4...yep we were a tad excited. And Charlie Sheen was on our flight from LAX! The quick flight got us into Cabo by noonish. Our private driver stopped at the closest liquor store to pick up a case of beer, because you know we couldn't wait until we got to our all inclusive hotel.

We arrived to the Secrets Los Cabo with glasses of champagne and cookies in the gorgeous lobby and all got suckered into upgrading to the swim out rooms, which was 100% worth it.  We immediately got our suits on and partied in our swim up pools.  We talk a walk down to the beach and the boys without even thinking ran into the ocean...we quickly got scolded by the security guards because it was black flag conditions with crazy rip currents.  Needless to say by dinner that evening we were all pretty toasty, especially the boys :)  We ate at the Asian restaurant, sake and all.

Our first full day we lounged by the pool all. day. long.  Just what we wanted and needed! Micaela and I did a little water aerobics but that was the extent of our activity. That night we ate at the Seafood restaurant.  Meanwhile at home, Lily got a 'spa' night with the cute!

The next day we lounged by the pool again...while the boys golfed. By this point we had met our favorite 'cabana boy'-Jorge.  That day also had really fun entertainment by the pool...traveling band, drinks out of melons and coconuts, and water aerobics-we just watched this time.  The boys were hot and a tad tipsy after golf (one of the best courses they claim to have played though).  We ordered up some drinks and headed to the hot tub before getting ready for dinner. That night we opted for the Italian restaurant.

Our last full day guessed it...lounged by the pool. Oh and Rollie and I got a couples massage.  That night we rounded out our trip appropriately at the Mexican restaurant.  At home the girls were getting spoiled with breakfast at Big Bottom Market.  The six of us just get along like we've known each other for 20 years.   So easy and effortless.  We don't know what we would do without them in our lives.

We soaked up a few last minutes of sun before heading home.  We were all ready to see the kids, but also agreed next year we can do more than 4 nights :)


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