Week in Review...Heatwave!

Monday we started swim lessons and Lily loved it.   Its mostly to get her used to the water.  It was cold and raining, luckily the pool was 85.  Lily also joined me at work on Monday because Jessica's son had the stomach flu.  It was a bit challenging but fun at the same time...everyone took turns playing and hanging out with her.
Hanging at the Duck
Lunch time in the office
Helping open wine in the morning
First swim class
Fun in the pool...even if it was cold!

Tuesday we had playgroup at Kristina's.  We had planned to have a pool party, but again the weather wasn't on our side.  But that babies enjoyed playing while the momma's enjoyed some homemade fish tacos.
Hi mom
always more fun with other people's toys
Wednesday we had our weekly walk with Melissa and Jack and then ran a bunch of errands.
A little playtime before bed
Thursday the heatwave hit.  We've been in 100 degree temps since then...ugh!

Friday after work my friend from Duckhorn Sally and her husband came over for pizza and wine.  They were going to start helping us with our bathroom demo but it was way too hot so we just enjoyed the deck.
trying on our friends cap
Rufus enjoying the deck (once it cooled off)
Saturday I worked in the brutal heat, while Rollie had Lily and started our bathroom demo.  Him and Lily also walked around Target and he got a haircut to beat the heat in some nice a/c.  Saturday evening we headed down to Petaluma after I got home from work, had dinner, walked around town and got some ice cream.  Great summer night.
95 degrees means eating outside at 7:30am!
trying to cool off with an ice cube Popsicle :)
Today Rollie and Kai finished our bathroom demo while Cameron, Micaela and I had a nice morning walk before it got too hot.  After our walk Micaela and I took the girls for a dip in their pool before meeting the guys for a great lunch at a new beer place, Heritage Public House.  After lunch the three of us came home and all napped for almost 2 hours!  After nap time I worked in the yard while Rollie and Lily played in the baby pool.  Pretty great Sunday.
Matching floats!
drying off after swimming
well deserved beer for the mom's 
holding hands...adorable. 


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