17 Weeks with #2

I'm ready to start calling this baby something other than #2!  I'm a bit off with weeks.  I'm pretty sure baby turned 17 weeks yesterday so my 16 week post before we left for our trip was a little premature.  Anyways, we are back from an amazing vacation, although I need another vacation from my vacation.  Hopefully I'll get around to recapping our trip very soon.

Cooking time: 17 weeks, 1 day

Weight gain: +7, finally maintained for the last two weeks, even with all of the croissants, bread, cheese, and other rich food!  The walking 5-7+ miles a day helped :)

Food aversions/cravings: Sparkling water with lemon/lime, it was hot today and I was craving a corn salad...I got all the fixing and made one for lunch and it was delish.  After not having many fruits or vegetables while on vacation my body was definitely craving some healthier options which is a good thing.

Sleep: Hello jet lag...the last two nights have been rough trying to make it past 7pm (4am Germany/France time).  I think I made it until 8:15 last night before falling asleep on the couch and then was up from roughly 2am to 4am because of Lilys wake up call.  We are headed to Home Depot when Rollie gets home tonight for some flowers and plants so hopefully that will keep us all up tonight.

Movement: I've definitely felt little flutters.

Overall feeling/other symptoms: Felt alot of pelvic pain after long days of walking around on vacation.  Chris (our friend and OB who we were visiting) said that your pelvic bone can actually get stress fractures when pregnant and with Lily they didn't hurt until months 8/9 but like everything else, your body remembers #2 a lot quicker.  Oh joy.  Other than that, feeling great.

What we've been up to:  Europe!  Update to follow :)

This pic was taken last Wednesday, so technically not quiet 17 weeks but I'm not feeling cute at the moment to take a picture today.  BIG difference between now and Lily.

almost 17 weeks, Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco
17 weeks with Lily


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